How to Make Your Home Office Child Friendly

The modern era, with the advent of technology, made it possible for parents to work from home. They can say goodbye to rush hour traffics and long commutes. It certainly cut on costs and allows them ample time to spend with their family.

Those who work at home must have set up their own office in the house. The essentials are there—computer, telephone, and internet. A handy desk and file cabinet can make organization less of a hassle.

But for parents who have young children, necessary adjustments are needed for a child-friendly office. After all, most parents can juggle their work with child rearing. What is the use of paying for a babysitter when they can look after them on their own?

To make the arrangement convenient for both parties, home offices have to be retrofitted to accommodate children’s needs.

Cushioning the Floor and Walls

Children cannot stay still. Accidents like falling off a chair or stumbling on hard surfaces are inevitable. To soften the blow and lessen the impact, outfitting the floors and walls with carpet and mats is a good idea. Parents can also have the cheaper option of getting a plush rug, mostly made of wool, instead of shelling out loads of money for carpets. It is advisable though to make sure that these are durable and darker in color to hide stains and dirt.

Choosing the Right Furniture

In choosing the furniture for the home office, the number one consideration is their use. Instead of high back chairs for visitors, opt for a sofa bed where children can sleep. If the child is an infant, then a rocking chair is a better idea. That way, parents can watch over them during afternoon naps while working. Filing cabinets must have safety latch as well so children cannot easily open and access the things inside.

Adding Fixtures for Convenience

During long hours of work, it can prove stressful to go out to answer the call of nature. By installing a toilet inside the office, parents can eliminate that kind of inconvenience. It is also handy for children.

If the office is on the basement, then certain fixtures suitable for bathrooms below the sewer line are needed. It is important to choose toilets and macerator pumps that ensure a smooth operation. A macerator pump is equipped with a rotating cutting blade that easily breaks up waste for discharge straight into sewer lines.

Installing Covers for Electrical Outlets

Since parents will be frequently using electronic devices, it is only understandable to have several outlets in the office. Younger children are prone to stumble upon them when not supervised. To be on the safer side, it is wise for parents to put electrical outlet covers that are easy for to remove and put back on, making it less of a hassle while ensuring children keep out of danger.

Making Sure Heavy and Fragile Objects are Out of Reach

Glass, vases, and the like must be put in places that are out of children’s reach. Parents won’t want broken china that can possibly cause bodily harm to themselves and their children. This also applies to heavy furniture. They must be anchored on the walls to prevent them from tipping over.

Safety cannot be compromised for convenience or aesthetics. For sure parents would want a safe and welcoming workplace for their children, especially if this is situated at home. Making their home office child-friendly only takes time and effort.

The benefits are worth it though. When parents’ minds are at peace, they can work more freely and most likely become more productive.