Stranger Things Gifts

I enjoyed watching Stranger Things, and then my daughter watched the show.  I have been shopping for her birthday, and here are some of the great things I have found!

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Shirts / Sweatshirts

Knowing that someone is a fan of Stranger Things, the first thing I think of is getting them some kind of apparel.  There are lots of shirts out there, and I knew I had to get this Hawkins Middle School shirt when I saw it!  Go Hawkins Middle School 1983!  There are some other fun designs, like the Stranger Things logo and the Hawkins Middle School AV club.

Stranger Things

Notes from the Upside Down Book

This is a great book for someone who wants to read more about the show.  After all, the next season of Stranger Things is a way off!

Stranger Things Gifts

Stranger Things Funko Pop Figure

There are lots of Stranger Things figurines, and Funko Pop has a bunch of characters in their Stranger Things Lineup.  They also have keychain size figurines.

Stranger Things Funko Pop


Funko Supercute Plush: Stranger Things-Demogorgon Collectible

My daughter saw this plush at the store and insisted she had to have this.  Mom, isn’t this the cutest thing?  Umm, I guess?

Stranger Things Demogorgan

Stranger Things Keychain Figures

Keychains make for great accessories.  I’m a Stranger Things fan myself, and while I wouldn’t use the bigger items, the keychains are tempting!  There are so many to choose from, like Dustin or Barb.  After all, let’s not forget poor Barb!

Stranger Things Barb

I got an Eleven keychain for my daughter’s backpack, and she loves it!

stranger things Eleven Keychain


There are some cool Stranger things themed games, like Eggo and Monopoly.  What better way to celebrate an 80’s show with some non-electronic board games, especially a classic like Monopoly.

Stranger Things MonopolyStranger Things Eggo Game


There are other fun accessories out there, like these Christmas Light Socks and Stranger Things charm bracelet.

Stranger Things Accessories

My daughter has also been checking out some “Friends Don’t Lie” bracelets on Etsy.

We are big Stranger Things fans in our household – do you have any favorite fan items?