Chewy Oxbow Small Animal House

I received this product in exchange for my honest review as a influencer.

We like trying out new products with our pets, and I got the Oxbow Small Animal Hideout from for my daughter’s guinea pig.  Guinea pigs like to have places to hide and rest.

The Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel Small Animal Hideout is made of timothy hay, and you don’t have to worry about your piggy getting into anything else (like strings or wires) that could be dangerous.  The hideout is all-natural, and entirely edible, so it is a great product for your guinea pig to chew on.

Chewy Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel Small Animal Hideout

My daughter set up a play area for her guinea pig to get some exercise, and the hideout is a nice addition so that Nutmeg has a place to hide. 

Chewy Oxbow Hideout

Nutmeg enjoys running around and having a place that offers her a place to hide and explore.

Chewy Oxbow Hideout

We recently also tried the Oxbow Small Animal mat (see my review here), and it is nice to have both in the guinea pig playpen.

Chewy Oxbow Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Hideout

You can find the Oxbow Small Animal Hideout (as well as the Oxbow Small Animal Mat) at, along with lots of other great products for many kinds of pets.

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