Lullapop Lullabies

I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my honest review.

I have always played lullaby music for my kids, since they were born.  Even now, they are used to listening to some kind of relaxing music at bedtime as part of their routine.  When I heard a Lullapop Lullabies, I immediately loved this album!

This CD is made up instrumental versions of popular songs.  There are so many great songs on this album, and you are bound to know at least a few, if not all!  I love that there are 21 tracks, which is a great variety.

Lullapop Lullabies

I also like that this collection uses instruments only, as I prefer lullabies that don’t include vocals.  I always felt like I could put instrumentals on repeat and it would be a great way for the kids to drift off to sleep.  Lullapop Lullabies uses a combination of glockenspiel, harp, and piano, which gives the music a lot of character.

It is surprising just how great these songs are as lullabies! One of my favorites is “Shape of You”, which sounds like it was made as a lullaby.

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This is such a great album, and I love how it is perfect for little ones, but parents can really enjoy it too!

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Lullapop Lullabies CD

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