Further Around the Bend

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I wasn’t familiar with Bill Harley’s works, which include a former CD called “Town Around the Bend”.  This CD takes children through a town full of stories and music, unusual characters and silly stories.  A big hit with many families, “Further Around the Bend” was created as a sequel.  These are just a couple of the albums from Bill Harley, who is a GRAMMY Award winning singer/songwriter, storyteller, author and playwright — and this is his 26th album of stories and songs for families!

In 2003 Bill Harley took us on a story and song-filled tour of the Town Around the Bend, a town filled with colorful and oddly named characters who did some very unusual things. Since that recording’s release, thousands of children (and their parents) have visited and loved the Town Around the Bend, and so we’re happy to announce release of Further Around the Bend: More News from the Town Around the Bend. With stories and songs brimming with charm, humor and wisdom, this recording celebrates the best of who we are and can be and reminds young and old about the power of community.

Further Around the Bend consists of both songs and stories.  I remember as a kid having a cassette that was part story and part music, and boy did I love that cassette.  There was just something about having a story to draw you in with the addition of music too.  I think it really keeps kids attention when there is an interesting medley of things to keep them following along.

Bill Harley

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This CD is a great way to keep the little ones occupied, as they explore the fun, fictional world in the town around the bend!

  1. Nightly Noodles
  2. Further and Farther Around the Bend 3. Noodles Interlude
  3. Skeezy Boofer’s Wonderful Ears
  4. Noodles Interlude 2
  5. Why Slippery Stream Sings
  6. How is the Scrape on Your Knee?
  7. Swing The Gate and the Worm Brigade 9. Noodles Interlude 3
  8. Melody rimshot and the Tub of Pickles Band
  9. Pages of a Book are Like Leaves on a Tree
  10. Carmela Cellar Door and Her Bedtime Song
  11. Carmela’s Song
  12. Nightly Noodles – Reprise


This album is available January 19, 2018.

Visit Bill Harley at http://www.billharley.com/

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