* Update – July 2021 – We rented for our second time from Avant for 16 days.  The prices were fantastic, the service was great, and our whole trip went perfectly with the rental car.

* Update – July 2022 – Rented from Avant for our 3rd time. Spent 18 days on a road trip through the Yucatan and had a great experience.

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We recently went on a trip to Mexico, and during the planning stage, it was tough to decide on where to rent a car.  We did a lot of research and finally decided on Avant Rent A Car, located in Cancun.

Avant Car Rental Cancun

Once we made our reservation, Avant sent us an email that very clearly outlined where to go in the airport.  I figured it would be easy enough; however, when you come out of the baggage claim, you go through a gauntlet of car rental places and people calling out to you, which is a little overwhelming.  This is exactly why the e-mail was SO important!

(Copy of the e-mail is here – however please make sure you check with your rental agent as things may change!)

Good evening!

Due to the change of terminal of arrival here are the new instructions to follow in order to meet with our agent:

     To easily meet you at your arrival and avoid delays , please review and follow these indications . 

     Once you collect your luggage please head for the “Family and Friends” area ( please see photo below) . 

AVANT RENT A CAR Cancun Mexico

Keep walking down the corridor. Our agent will be waiting for you, just passing the Restaurant Coconox, holding a cardboard with your name and our company logo. Our agent will be wearing a white polo shirt with our company logo as well.

AVANT RENT A CAR Cancun Mexico

Our representative will shuttle you to our office located 7 minutes away from the airport. Once at our office the process lasts no longer than 15 minutes.

In case of flight delays, do not worry, we will be monitoring your flight arrival, so we will be outside waiting for you when you land.


Please DO NOT ATTEND anybody that does not have this cardboard with your name. Many unauthorized agents will try to contact you indicating they have your reservation ready. WAIT TO SEE OUR AGENT.


Hoping to see you soon!

Best regards,

Ms. Sarai Bonal
Reservations 24 hrs:
NEXTEL (998) 112 48 26
Cel.(998) 865 42 76 & 97
Main Office (998) 892 11 58
Carr. Cancun – Tulum 153 Alfredo V. Bonfil
Cancun, Q. Roo

Because of the e-mail, we knew where to go.  We passed by all the solicitors and headed towards the appropriate exit.  We were following a lot of other travelers until we got to a set of glass doors that we would not have guessed was the right direction.  But sure enough, there was shuttle driver, holding a sheet of paper with my husband’s first and last name printed clearly on it.  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to have that e-mail, because there were dozens of people speaking to us urgently, asking us if we needed a rental or where we had gotten our rental.

Not only that, but I appreciated the shuttle driver in a polo with the company logo, with my husband’s name printed out (not handwritten).

As soon as we reached our driver, he got our luggage in the shuttle and off we went.  The shuttle is nice, clean, and spacious.

We quickly arrived at the Avant rental place, where our car was ready. 

It took only a short time to get the paperwork finalized and the car ready. There is a nice waiting room inside.

The kids were thrilled to hang out with a local dog that came to greet them outside!


Before we left, the staff also filled us in on some safety issues about driving in Mexico, like what to do if we got pulled over, and so on. I highly recommend doing your research before you decide to drive in Mexico. Check out my Tips for Renting a Car and Driving in Mexico (coming soon).

We had no issues with our Jeep Patriot on the trip.  The car was clean, fueled up, and ready to go.


On our second trip rental, we had a smaller car, but it fit everything fine.

We also had the option of renting a cooler (which we did) as well as a car seat (which we didn’t rent since we had already brought our own BubbleBum inflatable seat).

It was awesome to be able to rent a car in Mexico, and we did a lot of traveling. We have taken our Avant cars everywhere from Mayan Ruins to the grocery store, to hotels and cenotes. Before you plan on driving outside of the United States, make sure you have adequate insurance for your trip.

At the end of the trip, we packed up everything and headed back to the Avant Rent A Car office in Cancun.

Avant Rent A Car Cancun Mexico

As you can see, our car got a lot of use (everything but the kitchen sink, right? Just short of actually bringing the kids’ electric cars)!   We didn’t have any tools to clean up the car, which unfortunately had accumulated a lot of sand and dirt, and the Avant employees were very understanding.


After gathering up our items and luggage, we hopped in the airport shuttle.  The driver got us to the terminal in plenty of time to make our flight.

Our car rental from Avant went seamlessly, and we had no problems whatsoever.

Visit Avant Rent a Car at https://www.avantrentacar.com/

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