When you are planning a vacation with your children, New York City might not even be on your list of places to visit. Although navigating the sidewalks and subways with little ones can be a nightmare, once you get past them, you will enjoy a world of eye-catching sights and attractions.

If you want inspiration for your next trip, you should give NYC a chance, as it is an amazing family destination.

Dos and Don’ts of Visiting NYC with Kids

Here are several dos and don’ts that will make your trip to New York as stress-free as possible:

Do: Plan

When taking any vacation, you need to plan. A bit of research will allow you to organize your days and figure out where to stay and what you should do. As a sprawling metropolis, NYC is big and you need to know how to get from point A to point B. Book your hotel well in advance to ensure that you end up at the best place.

Do: Use the Subway

At the best of times, traveling with kids can be difficult and even more so when you are trying to navigate through a crowd of commuters who are rushing to work. The subway might seem like a nightmare when traveling with kids. However, if you know where you are going, using the subway is quite simple and effective.

To avoid stress, you should avoid rush hour evenings and mornings. Instead, you should use the subway during the afternoon for a comfortable and less frenetic experience.

Do: Rent an Apartment

When visiting NYC, many families choose to stay in hotels, but if you are traveling with kids, an apartment is the better option. You will have your own living space to come and go as you wish.

Renting an apartment also means less risk of having noisy neighbors and you can come and go as you please. If your family is large, renting will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel.


Do: Get a Cab with a Car Seat

Some Uber drivers have car seats and you can request such rides on the regular app. If you are willing to pay a little extra, a certified driver will place a car seat suitable for children over 12 months and between 22-48 lbs. For such a small additional amount, you should opt for an Uber.

Don’t: Drive

No matter how used to driving you are, you should not rent a car in NYC. Unless you want to spend most of your vacation in a traffic jam, you should consider using other modes of transport. Most locals use the subway, so you should follow their lead. When possible, you should walk to your destination or board taxis, but not during rush hour.

You can, however, drive to NYC. Look online for parking garages, as you can easily drive into the city and drop off your car at a central location. This will often save you on train fees and having to be tied down by train schedules.

However, if the kids want to see NYC from a double-decker bus, you should let them. You need to consider booking a place with NYC tour companies for a wholesome touring experience.

Don’t: Eat Near Tourist Traps

After you finish sightseeing, you might be tempted to eat at the first restaurant you see. However, the convenience of an eatery should not sway you if it is located right next to an attraction. You will end up eating a mediocre meal at a higher price than at other restaurants. Make sure that you find some suitable restaurants and read reviews before traveling.

If you are going to New York with young kids this holiday season, these dos and don’ts will come in handy and help you to avoid the hassle. You should take your time when planning your itinerary and weigh your options when choosing accommodation.