Peter's Veggie Salad Bowl Small Animal Treats

I received a sample of this product as a influencer.

My daughter loves finding treats for her guinea pig, Nutmeg.  When we came across the Veggie Salad Bowl at, we thought it was something unique that Nutmeg would enjoy.  This product is good for animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets.

The Veggie Salad Bowl consists of a timothy hay bowl filled with goodies, and you also get a little bag of dried toppings.

Peter's Veggie Salad Bowl Chewy

We already knew that Nutmeg would enjoy her salad bowl, because she loves timothy hay, the tops of hay, and dried veggies.

Peter's Veggie Salad Bowl Chewy

As soon as we opened the cage, she was excited to dig in!

Peter's Veggie Salad Bowl Chewy

The Peter’s Veggie Bowl was a hit.  It was difficult to even get a good photo because Nutmeg was really digging in and rooting around in the bowl.  She likes all the different components, from the hay to the toppings and other goodies that were tucked in the bowl (like what looked like a block of compressed hay).


Peter’s also makes a fruit salad bowl, so we are planning on getting that for Nutmeg for Christmas.  Plus, they make some other great small animal treats.

Check out this product at!

Peter’s Veggie Bowl: