Muyil Ruins Chunyaxche, Mexico

When we visited Mexico, we knew we wanted to explore some Mayan ruins.  Since we were staying in Tulum, we visited some bigger ruins (like Coba), but not far from Tulum are the Muyil Ruins.  The ruins are about 2 hours south of Cancun, and for us it was a 20 minute drive from Tulum. We rented a car in Cancun at Avant Car Rental, which allowed us to explore the Yucatan on our own schedule.

The ruins are easy to find, clearly marked along the highway, and also easy to find using Google Maps.

We parked near the entrance, and it seems like there is ample parking.  There is a counter where you can pay for your admission to the ruins.

One of the things I wish they handed out at Mayan Ruins are maps, but the Muyil ruins are small enough to explore on your own.  The paths around the ruins are well-maintained, and there is signage around the property.  I loved the ambiance of Muyil, as we walked around the jungle.

Muyil Ruins mexico

The Muyil ruins date back to 300 BC, and it is very interesting to visit.  It isn’t a far walk to the first set of buildings, only a minute or so from the entrance of the park.

Muyil Ruins Mexico

The most impressive structure at Muyil is El Castillo.

Muyil Castillo

What a difference from the other crowded ruins we have been to.  Although you can’t climb on any of the bigger structures, it is nice to really absorb the visit without the crowds.

Muyil Ruins Mexico

The grounds are not very big, so you can cover the area in a short amount of time.  However, we had a nice time walking around.  It gave us some time to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, enjoy the jungle and ruins.  For the kids, they weren’t overly interested, but it was just the right length of time for exploring.

Muyil Ruins Mexico

It was very peaceful morning at Muyil.  There was only one other group there, of a couple tourists that had driven their own car.  This was much different than other ruins like Coba or Chichen-Itza, where busloads of tourists are brought in.  I recommend taking in the solitude, flora and fauna.

Muyil Ruins Mexico

We meandered around Muyil for a couple hours, even taking the path to the entrance to the lagoon, although the gate was closed.  I would love to go back sometime and add a trip to the Sian Ka’an nature reserve.  We simply didn’t have time to add a Sian Ka’an tour this time.

Muyil Ruins Mexico

Tips for your visit:

~ Bring bug spray. The ruins are truly in the jungle and there were lots of mosquitoes! We try to go with natural bug repellent (affiliate link) when we can.
~ I don’t think you need sunscreen, as most of the walkways are through the jungle.
~ There are bathrooms.
~ We did not see a gift shop or any items to purchase, although there were some shops across the highway, with foods and local crafts.  They looked interesting but we didn’t have time to stop.

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