The term “log cabin” evokes images of snowy landscapes and vast expanses of forest, with a plume of smoke rising up into the snow filled sky, and for the past decade or so, the log cabin has become a popular addition to most homeowners’ gardens. If you have set your heart on a cosy cabin in your garden, here are some factors to bear in mind when looking at the many different designs.

A Guide to Buying the Right Log Cabin for Your Garden
  • Intended Use – Prior to looking at designs, spend some time thinking about exactly what you wish to do with the additional space. You might, for example, want a summer house, for you and the family to use in the warmer months, or it could provide essential accommodation for guests, and if you are starting a new business, a log cabin would make the perfect office. Knowing what you want from the log cabin makes the selection much easier, and with a range of sizes and designs, hopefully, you will make an informed decision. There are online suppliers with a wide range of affordable log cabins for sale, and an online search would be the best place to start your quest for the perfect log cabin.
  • Showroom Facilities – Ideally, by dealing with an established supplier, you would have the opportunity to experience a range of models that are fully erected. While you can get an idea how it will look from high resolution images, the only way to be really sure is to spend some time in the unit and have a walk around it, inspecting every nook and cranny as you go. The supplier would probably have a huge outdoor area where all the designs are erected and ready for a customer inspection, and if you have any questions, there would be friendly and helpful staff, should you need them.
  • Extended Warranty – A modular building is only as good as its warranty, and with the harsh climate, durability is critical. The ideal solution would be an unconditional 10-year guarantee, and if you manage to source a supplier that gives such a warranty, you can be sure of the very best quality. If you would like some further reading, there is an excellent article on the importance of a warranty for the consumer that you can refer to.

Timber – Obviously, the log cabin would be made from timber, but there are many species of trees, and while some are suitable for a log cabin construction, many are not. The general consensus of opinion is that Nordic timber makes for the best wood for a log cabin, as it grows very slowly, which ensures the timber is very dense and therefore, durable.

  • Free Assembly – There are online suppliers of log cabins who actually erect the unit free of charge, which will certainly save you some money, however, if you are a handyman and prefer to handle this yourself, the supplier would provide easy to follow instructions regarding assembly.

If you consider all of the above, it is likely you will be more than happy with the unit, and the cabin will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment.