Natural Skin Care Tips

There are so many products out there that are marketed for anti-aging, but so many contain chemicals. For me, part of a healthy lifestyle means keeping chemicals out of my routine.

So where to begin? There are so many ways you can go more natural with a skincare routine and achieving healthy skin.  To be honest, it isn’t difficult at all, and you can start by making little changes.  A natural skin care routine is simple, and you can take advantage of all the great products out there that are chemical-free. 

Here are some tips for avoiding chemicals while keeping your skin looking youthful.

1. Sun protection

Sun protection is so important!  Make sure you take care of your skin when you go out in the sun. To start, there are lots of ways to keep the skin off your skin without a sunscreen.  This can be a sun hat, sunscreen, rash guard, etc.  I love this option, especially with my kids – a rash guard means that I don’t have to keep track of when to reapply sunscreen when they go swimming, and a lot of sunscreens irritate my daughter’s skin, so sometimes no sunscreen is better than any at all!

It seems counter intuitive to be putting chemicals on your skin when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun.  Traditional sunscreens can be full of chemicals, from fragrances to dyes, propellants in spray sunscreens, alcohol, and more. Look into natural sunscreens that not only protect your skin but reduce the exposure to chemicals.  You can find sunscreen ratings online to help you find the right sunscreen for you.

2. Hydrate

Water is so important to overall health, with skin being such a big part of or body. It helps to rid the body of toxins, and may help to help keep skin moisturized.  Drink up!  Remember, what you eat and drink are reflected in the health of your skin.  While water is best, there are other drinks that are healthy for skin, like antioxidant-packed green tea or certain juices.

Green Tea

3. Natural anti aging products

There are lots of great natural products with anti-aging benefits.  For example, Radha Beauty offers organic rosehip oil, which is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.  This product contains 100% Pure Organic Rosehip Oil and is a great example of a natural product.

Be careful of products that are marketed as natural or containing natural ingredients, because they are not always entirely natural.  Make sure you read the label and are aware of what else is in the product.  Often, you will find undesirable additives like synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals.  Do your research and learn about the ingredients you are putting on your skin.

Want to know just what is in your skincare products?  You can make your own, from moisturizing masks to body butters.  They are surprisingly simple and you can use the best organic and natural ingredients.  Scents are fine, just stick with essential oils versus synthetic fragrances. While it can be fun to make some masks, it is wise to shop for a good collagen mask, as it will contain hydrolyzed collagen and other anti-aging ingredients.


4. Healthy diet

Whole foods are a great way to get your body the nutrition it needs.  In addition to a healthy diet, there are also best foods for skin, from avocados to walnuts and fish.  You can also take supplements to aid your diet, like Omega-3’s, biotin, collagen, and other nutrients that may be lacking.  For example, if you have issues with dry skin, essential fatty acids can be helpful. Eating healthy will show in your skin!

5. Exercise

Eating well and staying hydrated are great for skin, but exercise is important too. Exercising improves circulation and improves blood flow, making skin look healthy and radiant.  Hydrating and exercising helps your body to flush toxins.  As part of overall health, it will show in the health of your skin.


When you take care of your body, it shows!  These are easy ways to help your skin look more youthful.  In addition to the tips above, be a label reader for anything you put on your skin, whether it is body wash or makeup.  Natural products have come a long way, so it is easy to make the switch.