Too many people do tit-for-tat giving at Christmas. The usual result? Unwanted tat. Instead, give a gift to charity in someone’s name – then you know your money is actually paying for something useful!

A Gift Like No Other: Alternative Gift Ideas

From charitable gifts to something completely different! Here’s our rundown of some of the best alternative gift ideas to give the Christmas.

Give a tree

Yes – it’s totally doable! The gift of giving a tree, is like giving someone a testament to how you feel about them. And because trees live and grow continuously after the giving, they symbolise so much more than a pair of socks or fancy chocolates ever could!

Name a star after someone

Naming a star after someone you care for is the ultimate act of love and appreciation. Of course there are billions of them in the sky, but that means that the one named after your loved one, is extra special.

Many companies offer packages, where you can choose stars, zodiacs and even Supernovas! Coordinates, the brightness of the star and even background information on its constellation are even available!

Buy a title

A unique gift that would put a smile on anyone’s face, is the purchase of a title, e.g. a Lordship or a Ladyship. Intimidate your bank manager, wow the neighbours or completely shock all the other mums in the playground with this simple and totally authentic style gift.

Adopt a donkey

A perfect gift for someone who loves donkeys! If you get in touch with a charity – such as the donkey sanctuary, you’ll find that there are many options available for you to adopt a donkey! They’ll keep the donkey with them of course, but the donation you’ve given as the gift means that the animal in question is continually well looked after and loved from afar by your recipient. Many sanctuaries allow you to come and visit your donkey too!

Zoo keeper for a day

The perfect gift for animal lovers and perhaps one for a younger recipient, many zoos and wildlife parks now offer the chance to work with the keepers and take part in looking after the animals on site for the day. An expert keeper will show you what the day to day life of a zoo keeper is like and giving you a unique insight into how our animals are looked after.

Wine tasting and beer brewing

For those who love a tipple, this is an amazing way for a loved one to find out how their favourite drink is made. With experiences ranging from a visit to a winery or brewery, to overnight stays in some of the UK’s hidden vineyards. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Outdoor Survival courses

If you are looking for an exciting and unique experience that will teach you valuable skills that could one day save your life, then look no further than the incredible range of survival courses here at Experience Days! Perfect for daredevils, Ray Mears fans or anybody looking for a fun outdoor adventure!