Punta Laguna

We planned a family trip to Mexico with the intent of doing lots of exploring. We happened to find Punta Laguna online and decided to book a reservation.

I contacted Punta Laguna through their Facebook page via Facebook messenger, and I got a response almost right away and was able to book a tour for just a few hours later.  I was really happy with how responsive they were and how easy it was to reserve.  You do need to reserve a spot so they can prepare guides for your arrival.

Punta Laguna is easy to find. From Tulum you turn towards Coba on highway 109, which will take you right to Punta Laguna. 

The road near Punta Laguna is a little grown in, and the brush was smacking the side of the rental car every time we needed to pass another car (which was not often).

Punta Laguna

There was plenty of signage and Google Maps guided us there with no problem.

Punta Laguna Mexico

We checked in at the front, and took a quick bathroom break at the bathrooms, and changed our shoes while our guide came to meet us.  I also recommend some bug spray any time you head into the jungle.

The tour started with a Mayan purification ceremony. The blessing was spoken solely in Mayan, and at the end, we sipped a drink (which tasted like a sweet Yerba mate).

Punta Laguna Mexico

At this point our tour guide began our walk in the jungle to look for spider monkeys.

Punta Laguna Hike

Not long into the hike, the guide made some monkey calls and we saw a mom and baby spider monkey!  (You can see the baby hanging from the mom in the photo).  Soon after we saw another monkey as well.  My photo doesn’t do it justice – it is pretty awesome to see spider monkeys in the jungle!

Punta Laguna Mexico

Our guide was knowledgeable and was able to answer lots of questions about a variety of things, like insects, birds, and more.  He showed us some of the fruits that the spider monkeys eat.

Punta Laguna Fruit

We continued through the jungle and took a canoe across the lagoon.  The scenery is beautiful here!

Punta Laguna

Once we reached the other side of the lagoon, we took a short hike to do the zipline.  We got our helmets on and the guide sent us off!

Punta Laguna Zipline

I had never been ziplining before, but it was fun!  (And it set the bar – the kids wanted to do a zipline everywhere we went after this!)

Punta Laguna Zipline

After returning to the main land, we got ready to go in the cenote.

Punta Laguna Mexico

You are asked to rinse off first to help preserve the water quality.  We were required to do so at all the cenotes we have visited, and it is important to wash off your sunscreen and bug spray.

The opening to the cenote is very small, so you basically have to be lowered down wearing your harness. Much faster and safer than climbing the ladder, but you do get dropped in cold water too!  There is someone that stays at the bottom of the ladder while you are at the cave, so you can leave any time.

Punta Laguna Mexico

The cenote is dim except for a few lightbulbs, as the opening at the top doesn’t provide much light.  The cenote has sufficient lighting to see around, and is a decent size, and I wouldn’t describe it as claustrophobic.

There were quite a few bats inside clinging to the walls and vines. They were very cute, and are a species that eats insects and fruit.

Punta Laguna Mexico

We were allowed to spend however long we wanted in the cenote, so when we were done we climbed the ladder (with assistance as we were still wearing harnesses). The ladder is slippery, and I would say I got my upper body workout!  The kids had it easier with a little more assistance being lifted out of the cenote.

Punta Laguna Cenote

There is a small gift shop nearby where we found some nice souvenirs.

Punta Laguna Shop

The prices seemed reasonable and there were different things to choose from, from dream catchers to t-shirts.

Punta Laguna

There is also a small store on one side of the parking lot.  While we were planning on going to Coba, it was nice to be able to grab some cold drinks and snacks.

Punta Laguna Store

We had a great time at Punta Laguna!  I was impressed how fast I was able to set up a tour, and I liked how there was such a variety on the tour.  The kids weren’t bored, because we did so many different things and never spent too much time on one thing.

Our tour was 600 pesos per person (kids under 5 would be half price, my kids are 8 and 10).

What to bring?  Comfortable shoes, bug spray for the jungle, swim suits, goggles or snorkel, water shoes (those ladder steps are slippery!), change of clothes and towels, and pesos.  The only time we were in the full sun was canoeing across the lagoon, which only took about 5 minutes.

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