With so much emphasis placed on social media and customer service these days, it’s no surprise that email marketing has taken somewhat of a back seat for most hotel brands. But, a successful all-round marketing campaign will always be driven by a variety of complementing strategies, and today, email is still one of the best tools in your box. Although spammers may have damaged its reputation somewhat, email marketing is still one of the best methods of improving customer loyalty, boosting brand engagement and increasing direct hotel room bookings. It has several benefits for hotels, being cost-effective and easy to automate, making it the perfect choice of marketing strategy for busy hotel owners will little spare time on their hands. We’ve listed some top tips to help your hotel make the most of email marketing.

Four Email Marketing Tips for Hotels

Tip #1. Increase Organic Sign-Up:

When it comes to increasing the number of emails on your mailing list, there are various methods of going about this. Tools can be used to find business emails; these can be very valuable contact sources initially, allowing you to get in touch with potential business clients and informing them about your services. However, it’s also important to ensure that a bulk of your mailing list is made up from organic sources; for example, include a sign-up form on your website and social profiles so that you know both potential and existing guests will genuinely want to hear more from you.

Tip #2. Optimise for Mobile:

Today, at least half of all emails are going to be opened on a mobile device. Everybody has a smartphone in their back pocket, and with email apps allowing users to quickly find out when they’ve received an email and read it straight away, there’s a growing need for marketing emails to be optimised for mobile. You will need to ensure that any emails that you send look good on small smartphone screens; opening an email that is difficult to read on a smartphone can be seriously frustrating for your recipients and quickly put them off your brand.

Tip #3. Have a Schedule:

When it comes to email marketing, doing so on a schedule can help get your recipients in a routine and ensure that they know when to expect your materials to land in their inbox. It’s important to decide how frequently you are going to send emails to your mailing list and determine a regular time of the week or month for this to happen. It’s important to put some careful thought into timing; email too often and your subscribers might get annoyed, however, emailing rarely could mean they end up completely forgetting about your brand.

Tip #4: Get Personal:

Finally, adding the personal touch to your emails is an important step in increasing brand engagement for your hotel. Begin by researching your customers and getting to know who they are, to make it easier to tailor your marketing emails to their preferences. Small personal touches, such as opening the email by greeting the recipient by name can also go a long way.

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