Wonder Ball

I received WonderBall candy in exchange for my honest review.

When we received a package of Wonder Ball chocolate treats, my kids were absolutely excited!  While they wouldn’t remember this candy, it was a popular candy in the 90’s.  Now owned by the Frankford Candy, they have a line of chocolates with candies inside, plus its newest variety Wonder Ball Plus Prize has a toy treat in the packaging!


The kids took some time to figure out which ball to open first. There are different themes, so they got to work figuring out what order to open them in.


Removing the foil reveals a chocolate ball, which breaks apart.

WonderBall Candy

Each chocolate ball has different candies inside.  It was fun to see which designs and flavors would be in each ball.

Wonderball Candies

The Wonder Ball Plus Prize comes with a toy, which you can find under a little compartment in the bottom of the box.

Wonder Ball Toy

The kids had so much fun unwrapping their chocolates and treats.


My daughter was super excited to receive a Shopkins bracelet in one of the Wonder Ball Plus Toys boxes.  So cute, and the charm clips off, so she can put it on her backpack too.

Shopkins Bracelet Wonder Ball Candy

My youngest has a peanut allergy, and she was able to have the WonderBall candies we received.  Frankford Candy lists allergen warnings on the outer consumer packaging.  (Always read the labeling!)

National Chocolate Day is October 28!

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You can find Wonder Ball candies at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us, and more!