Essential Points to Consider when Choosing Between Cellular and Roller Shades

When discussing shades, it is important to first distinguish the difference between shades and blinds. Traditionally, blinds are made up of slats that move either up and down or side to side and can be opened or closed to suit, whereas shades are a single piece of fabric or similar material. If you are thinking that shades are more suitable, there are basically two main types of shade, which are cellular or roller shades.

Cellular Shades

Fabricated in a hexagonal shape, the units fold into each other as the shade is lifted, and with the pleats folding as the shade is drawn up, the material disappears into the mechanism. When fully lowered, the hollow interior acts as an insulator, as it provides a small section that is enclosed within the shade, and this is very beneficial for keeping your valuable heat in during the cold winter months. Perhaps one downside to cellular shades is they are not as easy to keep clean as the traditional roller shade, which is a single piece of fabric or composite, and let’s not forget they have a depth, which might not be suitable for every setting.

Roller Shades

Typically made from a suitable fabric, they simply roll up as the shades are opened, and with a much simpler mechanism, adjustment is effortless. You will also find roller shades a little cheaper than cellular units, as there is much less work (and material) involved, and they are also easier to keep clean as you have no intricate pockets that do collect dust. The fact that the shade comprises of a single layer of fabric or other material means you get a much better blackout, should you wish to have total darkness. If you would like to order made to measure roller blinds or shades, there are online suppliers who have a wide range of styles and designs, all at very affordable prices.

Sound Insulation

While a roller blind would have a negligible effect on keeping out exterior sound, cellular shades do possess a level of sound insulation, and the degree very much depends on the material used. This might help if you live near a busy road or railway line, although in that environment, double, or even triple glazing is called for.

Made to Measure Units

Modern shades are made to fit the window, and if you want to save some money, buy the shades from an online retailer and fit them yourself. The manufacturer would ask for very precise measurements, and you can also refer to various guides on blinds and shade measuring that will ensure your shades will fit like a glove.

Colours and Patterns

There’s nothing to choose between both types of shade in this department, as either can be found with unique patterns and colours, and of course, the colour would be coded to the room interior. If glare is an issue, cellular shades might improve things a little, as that extra dimension can reflect away strong light.

Personal taste plays a major role in making the decision between the two types, and with the right supplier and precise measurements, your interior will be transformed.