Swanson Health

I received Swanson products in exchange for my honest review.

Having a healthy routine is important to me, and I shop for vitamins and supplements for my whole family, including our two girls.  It can be a challenge to keep everyone’s health products stocked, but Swanson Health makes it easy to shop online.  I love having to squeeze in one less chore, especially when it means I would have to drag two kids to the store!

If you aren’t familiar with Swanson, this company has been around for almost 50 years.  And while the website has a variety of brands, the Swanson brand is a great way to save money.

I started off with some back-to-school shopping, because soon enough we will be bombarded with germs.  We are also going on a vacation this fall, so I would like to boost our immune systems.  First off were children’s probiotics, since gut health plays such a big role in our digestive health as well as our immune system.

The Swanson website is very organized, and you can either type in a search, or browse through many categories.  I had no problem finding a selection of probiotic products both under “Probiotics” and “Children’s health” (or you can find by using the search feature).  My kids love their new tasty probiotics, which I added to their daily routine.

Swanson Helath

In addition to probiotics, I had no problems finding a bunch of immune supplements for the kids.

Swanson Health

I was excited to find these Swanson Certified Organic Raisins, which are a great snack or addition to cereal or yogurt.  I also eat a lot of raisins at work, which is a convenient healthy snack.  I also found some Black Elderberry Lozenges, because I inevitably find myself fighting germs during cold and flu season, and it is nice to have some products to help me through work days and our busy schedule.

Swanson Health

I stocked up on some of our basics, like an iron supplement for myself and Elderberry syrup for the coming months.  The Swanson brand products are very reasonably priced, so I grabbed a couple of each.

Swanson Health

I was also thrilled to find Nellie’s laundry soap at Swanson Health.  We stay away from household products that have synthetic fragrances and chemicals, plus my daughter has eczema, and this product is perfect for us.  I happened across this product while I was doing my other shopping, and I am glad I was able to add this to my order.

Swanson Health

I also picked out some Swanson Organic Red Rooibos tea for myself.  With fall weather already here, I love a good cup of tea, but I don’t always want a caffeinated beverage.

Swanson Health Tea

The Swanson Health website has an incredible amount of products.  They have quite a variety, from supplements, to homeopathic remedies, food items, to pet products.  They have lots of great deals, from discounted products to sales.  I am definitely going to be ordering again!


Visit Swanson at https://www.swansonvitamins.com/