Songs From The Monkey House

I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my honest review.

Musician, performer, and radio show host Jack Forman is releasing his first solo album, “Songs from the Monkey House”.  No stranger to the music world, Forman has produced 13 albums with his band, Recess Monkey.  Having enjoyed Recess Monkey over the years, I was pretty sure we would also enjoy Songs from the Monkey House.

It is clear that Forman is an entertainer when you listen to this album.  A former elementary school teacher and dad, he has plenty of inspiration.  The songs use a lot of material from his experience performing and taking calls from kids on his SiriusXM show.​

Jack Forman

​While the music is wacky and quirky, I don’t find it annoying.  The music is catchy and fun, and very entertaining.  Since much of the inspiration draws from kid themselves, the topics are fun and engaging:

  1. Dog Park
  2. Yodeling Yoda
  3. A Little Cheese
  4. No Name
  5. Watermelon
  6. Candy Tour
  7. Not a Cloud
  8. Stand-In
  9. Blue Cheese
  10. I Lost My Lunch
  11. Sportball Anthem
  12. This is the End

“Songs from the Monkey House” is available exclusively on Amazon on September 29.

You can purchase the album here:

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“Songs from the Monkey House”

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