Lumpy Cubes

I received a copy of Lumpy Cubes in exchange for my honest review.

Our family loves playing games together, and it is a great way to get the kids off electronics and spend some quality time doing something fun.  Lumpy Fun sounded like a fun and easy game, and it turns out it is!

Lumpy Fun consists of:

16 lumpy blocks
four character cards (for fun)
stacking diagram cards

Game setup is easy.  Choose a set of blocks from the four colors.

Then draw a card.

When everyone is ready, you drop your blocks…

Lumpy Cubes

Then try to assemble your four cubes as fast as you can so that they match the card.  The opposite sides of the cubes have different pictures on them, so it is tougher than you think!

lumpy cubes

Once your cubes match your card, shout “LUMPY”!

Lumpy Cubes

I love that RoosterFin games have a video tutorial.  After reading the instructions, it can be tough to get everyone to pay attention and remember what to do.  I have been showing my kids the videos so that they have an easy way to remember how to play.

This is a fun, cute game that is great for all ages.  It is easy enough for little ones to play, but fun for the whole family.  I like how quick and easy it is to learn and set up, and the kids love playing this with guests, from grandparents to friends.


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