Teaching overseas is an endeavor that many try to take on after graduation and before they settle down and have children. There are many places in the world that are known for hiring international teachers and the United Kingdom is one of them. One of the best places to obtain a teaching job in the UK is in London. There are many neighborhoods that are nice to live in as well as obtain a teaching job. Whether you have an interest in living in Essex, Bexley, or Greenwich neighborhoods in London, there are many teaching jobs that can offer you the experience you have been yearning for.  Becoming a teacher is a very exciting prospect but there will be some tedious tasks on the road to being a teacher.

5 Tips to Finding Teaching Jobs in the UK

This article will provide some tips on finding a teaching job in the Bexley neighborhood.

  1. Look online for jobs. Now that you know where you want to obtain a teaching job, you can begin to search for jobs that are suitable to your interests and expertise. Searching for jobs online is a great way to find a vacancies that can fit your skill set and are located in an area in which you desire to work.
  2. Network with others who have taught abroad. Another way to find a great job abroad is to network with others who have done the job you are looking for. Perhaps there is a teachers organization that can put you in contact with others who have taught abroad and can give you their perspective on what worked well for them and what could have been improved. They may also be able to give you some pointers on how to earn a position.
  3. Hire a teacher’s job agency. If you are having no luck finding a teaching job on your own, there are teachers job agencies that you can hire to help you accomplish your goal. As you can imagine, London is a wonderful place to live and finding a teaching job may take some time as the competition is likely steep. A teacher’s job agency may give you the leverage you need to land a great job.
  4. Prepare a great resume and cover letter. When you prepare your resume and cover letter, be sure to prepare it in a way that is customized to the job you are seeking. Therefore, if you are applying for a language arts teaching position, be sure to highlight your experiences pertaining to that subject matter.

  5. Obtain proof of certification and visa information. When you are in the process of applying for jobs overseas, it is a good idea to get verification that your teaching certification will be transferable to the standards of the school systems in England. If it is not, be sure to find out what you will need to accomplish in order for your teaching credentials to be acknowledged. Handling the certification and visa information before you land a position and depart for London is a great way to eliminate any potential disappointments that could potentially arise.