Gift Ideas for Second Time Moms

Having two kids of my own, there were times I struggled to find gifts for other moms that were having their second child (or more!).  Over the years we have found some nice gift ideas for moms who have already had their first baby.


Juggling a newborn and another child when you are exhausted and operating on a lack of sleep is a struggle.  So some yummy food is great!  This could be a fruit basket, dessert, home-cooked meal, or gift card.  One of my favorite gifts that I received was a platter of bagels!  I was hungry, tired, and nursing, and the food was so appreciated.  If mom isn’t nursing or pumping, perhaps she’d like some coffee!

Something for the sibling

I always try to get something for the other child (or children) in the family – usually something that makes them feel special – and bonus if it helps keep them busy!  Maybe a personalized book or a toy to occupy them so mom can get some rest.

Special outfit for baby

There are a couple ways to find a special clothing item for the new baby, even if they are getting hand-me-downs from an older child.  For example, even if the family has two girls, you can usually find a season-specific item.  Maybe one child is born in spring, and the other born in fall, so they could use some winter items.  Or if a holiday is coming up, pick up a “Baby’s 1st Christmas” onsie in their size.  Get creative finding a nice outfit that is useable.  If you have the same gender siblings born in the same season, you can opt for something else that is adorable – it was nice to have a few new items that weren’t stained from spit-up or blow outs!

Personalized Items

Even if a home is filled with plenty of baby basics, a personalized item is a nice thought.  We received personalized blankets for our girls, which was a very thoughtful and useful gift.

Help with housekeeping or babysitting

Being a mom of more than one child is exhausting, and even just a little help goes a long way.  This could be in the form of a gift card, or you can help yourself.  Our friends treated our little one to a special day out here and there, and it was nice to be able to take a long nap with the new baby!  Family and friends came by to have a little play-date with my 2 year old, which was awesome.

New gadgets

Baby toys and gear can change quickly, and I remember being quite envious of some of the awesome baby products that were available just a couple years after I had gotten mine.  While this can be tough to know what is needed, if you find something new and fabulous, it would be a treat for mom to have some updated gear!

Baby Carrier

If mom doesn’t already have a baby carrier, this is a great piece of gear to have when you have more than one child.  I remember carrying my 2nd baby everywhere and doing chores while she was in the carrier.

Meal Train

A meal train is a great way to help out parents of a newborn, especially if they don’t have a lot of help from family.


If the family is using disposable diapers for their baby, this makes for an easy gift.  You can spring for something creative like a diaper cake if you want to make it a little more festive.  If they use a cloth diaper service, you can purchase a gift card for service.

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