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I received samples in exchange for my honest review.

While I try to make sure our family is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, it is always a challenge to find convenient snacks for when we are on the go.  It seems like we end up snacking on too many processed foods.  My youngest is also a picky eater, and it can be a challenge to find things the whole family enjoys.

I was happy to see my kids digging into the Natural Sins bags of dried fruits as soon as they arrived.  This line of fruit and veggie chips is all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, paleo.. just TWO ingredients: dehydrated fruit with a touch of sugar.

Our products contain just two ingredients–fresh fruits or vegetables and a sprinkle of cane sugar.

There are no preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavors.

I am a label-reader, and it is frustrating that there are so many ingredients I have to carefully avoid, such as dyes.  Natural Sins chips are truly 100% natural – I don’t have to worry about preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavors.

Natural Sins Beet Chips

The chips are so light and crispy and crunchy, not tough or leathery.  My kids were impressed right away with the texture and flavor.  That includes my super-picky youngest, who took some hesitant nibbles before digging in.  I had to remind her to leave some for the rest of us!

Natural Sins

The kids even enjoyed the beet chips, which have a nice flavor and sweetness to them.  Even I’m not always a fan of beets, but these are really good!

Natural Sins Beet

We all enjoyed the chips, and I’m not even sure which is my favorite because they are all so good!  I love that we have found a snack that tastes great and is good for you.

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Natural Sins