Hiking Accessories

Not only is hiking good for maintaining your physical condition, it is also good for healing the soul. The outdoor activity has been scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety, prevent osteoporosis, and provide you with a great and powerful cardio workout. However, in order for you to have a great hiking experience without facing inconveniences, you will need several hiking accessories. We have listed 5 items that are absolutely essential for hiking. Have a look below.

1. Proper Insulation

It is better to carry extra load to keep yourself warm in the blistering cold than to carry a lightweight load and have yourself freezing. You might come across unpredictable weather conditions on your hike or face some obstacles that may extend your exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is recommended for you to carry extra options including socks, down jackets, a balaclava, and underwear.

2. Comfortable Hiking Boots

It is almost impossible to enjoy a hike without proper hiking boots. Compared to regular shoes, hiking shoes are a lot more lightweight. Hiking boots provide ankle support that can work like a charm when you hike on a difficult trail. If you do not wear proper shoes, you could leave your ankle exposed to sprains. In addition to that, comfortable and high-quality hiking boots can prevent your feet from getting cold and aid in wicking away moisture. Therefore, it is imperative for you to invest in a pair of high quality hiking boots.

3. Protection from the sun

You will be exposed to the harmful (UVA and UVB) rays of the sun when hiking. Hence, it is necessary to have protection from the sun. You can protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun by investing in a solid sunglass that blocks UV rays, such as Humps Optics designer sunglasses for women. In addition, you will also need a sunscreen that boasts a formula of a minimum SPF 30. You should know that applying the sunscreen once will simply not do; you need to keep reapplying it according to necessity and your activity level.

4. Food

When packing food for your hike, it is recommended for you to at least have an extra day’s worth of food. Food that don´t required to be cooked and that can be stored for a long duration should be given priority. Some of these foods include nuts, jerky, dried fruits, and energy bars. If you are staying in a cold place, you should eat well before you sleep as the digestion process in your body will aid in keeping you warm.

5. Navigation

Having proper navigation tools is really a no-brainer here. Even if you have hiked on a particular trail over a dozen times, it won’t harm if you have the insurance of a map and a compass. You can always face numerous, unpredictable obstacles on your hike including bad injuries, terrible weather conditions, encounter with wild animals, and closure of a trail, which can all demand you to choose a different trail. Hence, you will need to be equipped with a map and compass when on a hike!