Buddhist Practices

Buddhism is often associated with a calm, relaxed state of mind and a peaceful way of life.  Using Buddhist inspired practices, you can find balance in your life, allowing you to minimize stress and focus on what truly matters.

People find Buddhism attractive for many different reasons. For some people, the idea of being able to find inner peace is extremely appealing. Buddhist practices often center around nature and can make it easier to find and accept your place in the world. By bringing practices inspired by Buddhism into your everyday life, you can find harmony and balance that allows you to live a richer, fuller life. Here are some ways that you can get started:

  1. Meditate Every Day

Meditation is a huge part of Buddhism. Clearing your mind and spending time sitting quietly can help you access the deepest parts of your consciousness and can alleviate stress. Finding time to meditate is important for your health. If you have trouble staying focused, keep working at it. Over time, it will become easier and easier to clear your mind. Try setting up a space in your home or garden that is dedicated to meditation.

  1. Be Kind To Others

The heart of Buddhism centers around having compassion and caring for the people, animals, and environment around you. Focus on being kind to everyone you come in contact with throughout the day. You can wear a special piece of jewellery to remind yourself to treat others with compassion and to fill your heart with kindness each and every day.

  1. Realize That Your Thoughts Don’t Have To Control You

If you are like most people, you may have intrusive thoughts that find their way into your head throughout the day. Oftentimes, these thoughts can lead to unwanted emotions. They can seem overwhelming and can increase your stress levels. One thing that Buddhism teaches is that thoughts are fleeting and should be treated as such. Try to just observe your thoughts rather than allowing them to affect you. By separating yourself from your thoughts and watching them as if you are an outside observer, you can take away their power over your emotions.

  1. Learn the Metta Prayer

Also known as the Loving Kindness prayer, the Metta Prayer is a short prayer that centers around finding happiness. You can say the prayer for yourself or for the people around you. Repeating it frequently throughout the day can help put you in the right mindset to bring joy and positivity with you everywhere that you go.

  1. Feel Connected To The World Around You

One of the core beliefs of Buddhists is that we are all connected to one another with a single consciousness. What this means is that if you hurt someone else, you are only hurting yourself. By keeping this in mind, you can treat other people in the same way that you would want to be treated. One good way to do this is when you’re outside is to add Zen to your backyard with a Buddha head statue. This will help you remember how you should act.

Showing others respect, compassion, and love can help you find those things in your own life as well.