Our daily lives are an endless cycle of juggling responsibilities. Whether you have a stressful career or a home full of children, everyone needs a place to escape and relax. One place you can escape to is your garden, so here are few tips to creating a relaxing garden where you’ll want to spend time.

6 Secrets to Relaxing in Your Garden

Create a Place to Sit

The best way to enjoy your garden is to sit or lounge comfortably. Many people enjoy a simple lounge set with a chair or bench. Add in a few throw pillows or seat cushions that are brightly colored for a splash of color.

There should be a designated sitting area. Add personal touches like an outdoor rug and a table for drinks and snacks. If you can add in a pergola, a few blankets, and decorative touches, it will bring your personality and preferences outside. The space should feel beautiful to you, a be place that you want to go to often.

Keep It Cleaned Up

Clutter can make relaxation impossible. Instead of enjoying your time, the leaves that need to be raked or garden tools laying around will only serve as a distraction. Invest in some tools, such as a lawn vacuum, that will make the space tidy. Sheds or storage boxes can keep gardening tools hidden, and they can add extra seating.

Add Gentle Sounds

If you are relaxing in the sun, gentle sounds can lull you into a peaceful bliss. Try hanging wind chimes around your patio or garden. Tech-savvy people can wire a stereo system outside to play music. A water feature, such as a pond or waterfall, creates gentle and soothing sounds to your garden.

Invite Animals

Birdwatching may seem like a strange hobby, but it is fascinating. Throughout your garden and yard, hang bird feeders and place bird baths. As you sit in your garden, you can take some time to watch them fly around. Parents, ask your children to sit with you and attempt to identify the various birds that visit.

Aromatic Plants

When you think about relaxing, aromatherapy should come to mind. Scents intoxicate your mind and allow you to drift into a deep sense of relaxation. Gardeners can plant aromatic plants such as jasmine and honeysuckle through the area. You could also plant herbs, such as different types of lavender, that spread their scent with the wind.

Spend Time in Your Garden

The best way to relax in your garden is to spend as much time as possible there. It should feel like the best place to sit after a long day at work. With a few splashes of color and a comfortable bench, you will be surprised how rejuvenated you feel after an hour in your garden.

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