Why We Love Italian Food

There something special about Italian food. When you close your eyes and think of your favorite Italian dish, what do you see? Images of checked tablecloths and white cloth napkins, with empty bottles of Chianti holding melted candles, come to mind. The rich smells of fresh herbs and thick fragrant sauces fill the air.

Italian food is just magic personified, here are five reasons why we fell in love with Italian food. Look through the list and see if any of them resonate with you as well.

#1 Italian food is Healing in its Nature

Italians cook to heal. Everyone that has an Italian friend or an Italian mother knows that food will cure any ailment in their eyes. Food is more than just sustenance for Italians, it’s a way of life and a cornerstone of culture.

Don’t believe it? Then just ask an Italian mama about her special tomato sauce and be prepared for an hour long lecture about the importance of selecting the perfect tomatoes.

Italian words for food even sound like pure poetry. Salami, zampone, mozzarella, pancetta, bruschetta, mortadella. Need we go on?

#2 Italians love Carbs… & Lots of them

Italians have a healthy respect for the carbohydrate. Unlike other western cultures that have begun to tout the health benefits of gluten free low carb diets, Italians couldn’t be any further at the other end of the spectrum.

There are over 300 different kinds of pasta alone and let’s not even go there with the bread. Almost every Italian dish comes loaded with a generous serving of carbs, and you know what? We are fine with that.

#3 Sold on Sauces & Spices

Fresh chili simmering in tomato sauce. Sauces and spices are what makes Italian food shine. From the scents of freshly crushed garlic filling the air to the sharp smell of garden picked fresh herbs playing with your senses, Italian food knows how to blend flavors and aromas to make an amazing red sauce.

#4 Creamy Cheeses & Elegant Espressos

Sipping on an Italian espresso of the finest roasts after a wonderful meal can only be capped off by an exquisite cheese platter. Italians excel at cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, parmesan, pecorino or panna cotta, whatever your heart desires can be filled with a cheesy climax of dairy goodness.

#5 Everything is Effortless & Enjoyable

Everything about Italian food is enjoyable. From the preparation to the cooking and finally the conversation and laughter at the meal, Italians know how to live life through food and enjoy every moment.

No Italian ever complains about cooking because it is embedded in their DNA. It’s a part of who they are and intrinsically tied to their culture and their personality. Italian for is for sharing and caring and there’s no other food that just makes you feel like you are at home with good friends and family.


If you love Italian food, then check out an Italian cookbook and continue reading about the world’s favorite cuisine.