3 Tips to Packing Your Van for Vacation

Going on vacation with your family can be exciting yet it also takes a great deal of work to get everything ready to go. From packing bags, toiletries, shoes, food, and preparing for boarding for your pets, there is so much to do before you leave for your holiday. Not to mention that you have to make sure that all of your bags fit in your vehicle. Hopefully, if you have a family, you have a van or a SUV that can hold your family members as well as your luggage. This article will provide some tips to helping your organize and pack up your van for vacation.

  1. Create space for everything. Going on vacation can be a lot of fun but it is imperative that you can pack all of your essentials or you will find yourself trying to find local shops that sell items you had to leave at home. Not having enough space can really put a damper on things and cut into your vacation budget. For example, if you do not have space in your vehicle, you may need to leave behind items such as pool toys. Bringing pool toys from home can be inexpensive as you can buy them on sale and you will not have to pay an upcharge from purchasing them in a touristy area. The same raft that costs $5 at home can cost you $10-$12 if you buy it in an area that is used to tourist traffic. To avoid unwanted costs and disappointment in leaving things behind, fit your gear in one of these cargo roof racks. Having a roof rack can save space and you can pack everything that you need without leaving anything behind.
  2. Activities. There is nothing worse than going on a road trip with your kids than having to hear the constant whine of “are we there yet?” To avoid the frustration of fighting kids or the whining that occurs when they are bored, plan ahead and organize activities for them to participate in. This will decrease boredom and allow them to learn something new. If your kids have any electronics that they can bring with them for entertainment purposes, consider allowing them to do so. Listening to music, watching a movie, or reading a book are all wonderful pastimes that can keep kids busy for hours. If you are traveling with several family members, chances are that you will not have that much space available for spreading out. By having activities available, your kids will be occupied and notice the lack of space for them to lay down or spread their legs. If the activities do not work, you may want to stop at a rest area and let them walk around for a bit.
  3. Snacks. While there are so many things to pack when you are going on vacation, don’t forget to pack a cooler with refreshing snacks and drinks. Your family will be less whiny and irritable on a long drive if they have activities and a full belly. They may even be content enough to take a long nap!