Being a mom is never an easy job. Even if you’re not a single mom with four kids and another one on the way, and you live happily with your partner with your singular child, the jobs is still very difficult at times. That being said, one of the biggest dilemmas of mothers around the globe since the dawn of time has been how to balance family time with career time. Often times, one of these things is discarded, most times being the career. But today’s mentality and work ideals make it so you don’t have to give up your career for your family. You can have them both at the same time and, more importantly, in the same place: home.

Moms Working From Home

Being home allows you to stay home with the kids more, even if you are working in that time. They could be sleeping in their bed or watching their favorite shows on TV while you sit on the couch or armchair comfortably with a laptop and a trusty cup of coffee at your side.

It’s not only practical but also infinitely more comfortable than having to wake up at the crack of dawn just so you don’t get stuck In traffic and end up being late for work (again). Plus, working from home allows you to put the laptop down, get up and do other things for a quick minute such as put the laundry in the dryer or put a roast in the oven. These things and others like them usually pile up for your evening to-do list if you don’t work from home, so there are massive benefits to being able to do them throughout the day.

Save a lot of money in the process

Money is probably not the first thing you would hope to see on the list of benefits for working from home. However, you do get to save quite a lot of it. The thing is that you do it in small increments so it’s less noticeable but at the end of the month it can amount to quite a small fortune. There are a lot of expenses to be thought of when it comes to going to work. On one hand you have to pay for gas if you want to take the car, while the alternative would be to spend money on buses and taxis. Either way, you’re not getting to work for free. Then there’s the morning coffee, the lunch coffee, the refreshing beverages throughout the day, your lunch,  and other mini expenses that pile up when you work from the office. While you’re out, you almost unconsciously spend all your money on small things that seem mandatory at the time being. Working from home changes that and helps you straighten that dent in your finances.