The Best Nursery Flooring Options Worth Considering

Your flooring experiences significant abuse, especially when in areas that receive significant traffic for your little ones. It is important to consider durability along with aesthetics when planning for a new nursery or to redecorate the family home.

It may not be easy determining where or how to start, but keep in mind that ‘knowledge is power.’ Before you start spending, find out as much as you can about the pros and cons of the following nursery-flooring options.


Soft, comfy, and forgiving; this is what comes to mind when thinking of this flooring option. Carpet will shield your tender bundle of joy from bumps and bruises when falling to the floor, and this makes it an obvious pick for the nursery. However, you should be aware of other issues. For instance, that wall-to-wall carpeting is not as easy to clean as you might think and that makes it a haven for mold, mildew, and dust mites. On the other hand, some carpets, especially those made of polyester or nylon, may contain VOCs and other hazardous chemicals that can make you baby sick.

But, it is hard imagining have a nursery for your kids that does not have a cushy and comfy flooring. Carpets are a top choice for many people, which perfectly fine. You can ensure the health and safety of your little one by making sure that the carpet is made from natural materials such as jute, cotton, wool, or sisal which are VOC materials. It will lessen the risk of exposing your baby to most of the chemicals associated with cheap, synthetic carpeting options.

Low VOC synthetic carpeting is a suitable option if those made from natural fibers are not available. Also, the synthetic carpeting is way cheaper.  Whichever you settle for, just make sure you install the carpeting before your little one comes. It will allow it to air out after its installed.


Relatively straightforward maintenance and durable, that is why some people love hardwood floors in their homes. The flooring exudes a classic look that never gets outdated. However, lumber flooring is susceptible to wet and moist environment and is subject to wear and tear; these are a downside given the cost. Some of the factors that influence price include the type of wood used, choose of finishing, and size per square foot of the flooring to be done. And you also need to get a quality rug that you can spread over the floor to shield it from wear and tear while also making it a safe and comfy surface for the kids when they fall. Check out the Conklin Bros. Dublin Store if this interests you.


Bamboo is very popular with the eco-friendly folks. It is a natural product that is durable and cheaper that hardwood flooring. So, it is an ideal flooring option if you desire to go the green-flooring way but wish to spend less than $7 per square foot.

Bamboo takes around 5-7 years to mature, and it has excellent pest resistance hence does not require any dangerous pesticides when growing thus making it an entirely organic flooring product. It is a versatile material; it can be thread into fibers can weave are soft yet sturdy fabrics. It can also be used as a flooring material that rarely warps, is scratch resistant, and very sturdy. So, it is a flooring option that will take anything that your kids dish out. Moreover, bamboo flooring comes in various looks and colors depending on the processing method thus offering numerous possible flooring finishes for the nursery.


Cork has natural anti-microbial and anti-allergenic properties making it a top choice when looking for flooring that supports the health and safety of your toddlers. It is softer and warmer than wooden flooring making it a comfy play surface for the baby. It will not only protect your children from bumps and bruises when they fall but also their delicate feet as they grow.

It is another eco-friendly flooring option with excellent features such as those of the bamboo flooring. Made from the cork oak tree bark, it does not have any VOC and is energy efficient, providing excellent flooring insulation for the home. The bark is harvested without causing any harm to the oak tree.

A cork flooring may not be a convincing option for many who install it for the first time. They often wonder how such a soft and spongy material can ensure what the baby dishes out. Cork is a very durable material though it may be susceptible to scuffing compared to other materials such as bamboo it still is very resilient and can last for more than 12 years. Cork flooring may cost around $5 – $8 per square foot.


It would suffice to say laminate are the cheaper flooring option for hardwood that is also easy to install. The cost no more than $3 per square foot, have excellent scratch resistance, easy maintenance, and very durable. Such elements make them a good choice for the nursery just as long as they are the kind that has zero or low emissions.

Many laminate products are made from wood particles or pressed fiber and then treated with formaldehyde and other chemicals. As such, many laminate products produce hazardous fumes which make them a less favorable choice for flooring the nursery or home. It may be hard to come across the zero-emission or low-emission laminates thus linoleum flooring may be a suitable alternative. Linoleum is VOC-free, organic and biodegradable making them an eco-friendly option.