Do you ever get stuck on finding the perfect gift for Dad? Let’s face it, sometimes buying gifts is just difficult. So what do you do when Father’s Day or your husband’s birthday is right around the corner? As your children get older, wave goodbye to the easy days when finger painted cards counted as birthday gifts. Although Dad loves these because they’re from his kids, with a little help from you, the kids can make Dad’s next big day really special.

Surprise Birthday

You can get birthday cards here, and then consider these few things when buying or creating the perfect gift!

Here are few things to consider when buying or creating the perfect gift!

Don’t Underestimate Experiences

Sometimes, we get so caught up in buying the perfect gift that we forget to see what’s right in front of our nose. Most of us appreciate spending quality time with our loved ones over tangible items – especially if it’s spent doing something we love.

Consider which activities Dad enjoys the most. Is he a huge sports fan? Maybe scoring those Mets tickets or even creating ballpark dinner at home while you watch the game would be something he’d really love. What about planning a fishing outing or a camping trip to a place you and the kids have never been? Or maybe Dad hates yard work, so offer an act of service. Grab a rake and free up his next Saturday. If you’re willing to be creative and put some thought into who your partner really is, you and the little ones can give gifts that are meaningful and don’t have to break the bank.

Personalize It

As cliche as it may be, it truly is the thought that counts when giving gifts. Luckily, there are so many unique personalized gifts available now that you’d be hard-pressed not to find something that suits Dad. Whether it be homemade cards, a new tie, a tool set, or a homemade book filled with memories and photos, using your imagination is going to help you come up with the perfect Father’s Day or birthday present ideas.

Ask Your Kids

Don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you forget that this is about them. It’s a great opportunity for your kids to come up with something special for Dad. Although they may need a little nudge, children tend to be far more creative than adults and it will be even more meaningful for Dad knowing that his gift was their idea. Remember, you can always add to their original idea or make it more elaborate if necessary, but provide them the space to make this experience theirs.

Gift giving can sometimes be anxiety provoking, but it doesn’t have to be! Dad loves you guys, either way, so trust your effort. It’s the sentiment that really counts anyway. Good luck!