Cheshire Restaurants

Many restaurants in Cheshire can make your gastronomic experience a memorable one. When you are in Cheshire for a visit and think about eating out, it will therefore not be easy to make a choice. As it happens, you may face the problem of plenty. To help you navigate efficiently through the list of best restaurants in Cheshire, take the time to read this article as it contains some of the restaurants that are worth visiting.   From Michelin star restaurants to small family-run eateries, Cheshire has all of its kinds. There are places where you can get a taste of authentic cuisines from other parts of the world.  Indian, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese all sorts of food are available in the restaurants of Cheshire. What you prefer and what your budget is will help you to decide the place of your choice.

Simon Radley at the Chester Grosvenor

You can well imagine what kind of reputation Chef Simon Radley has earned that The Chester Grosvenor has named the restaurant after him. It is rare for a restaurant to win the Michelin star year after year and this restaurant has just achieved this feat. The restaurant has held on to the award continuously since 1990. Also, it received the Best Hotel Restaurant Award during the European Hospitality Award function. Known for its exotic French foods, do not forget to taste the beautiful wines that complement the food perfectly.

The Elderly

There is a lot of buzz about this restaurant that displays rare elegance built in its style. This is a very vibrant place with a great ambience, and you will like it, no matter which time of the day it is. During the daytime, you can enjoy your time under natural light that pours in through the glass roof, creating an ambience that is hard to match. After it is dark, the fairy lights on the terrace create an environment that is perfect for spending time with your friends. If you are looking for British food, this place has everything for you.

Chef’s Table Restaurant

For the best experience in seasonal foods, Chef’s Table Restaurant located in the heart of Cheshire is a not to be missed place. The restaurant specialises in International cuisine with a focus on European and British recipes. From ice creams to bread, the focus is on producing everything in-house to maintain the strict quality parameters and the authenticity of taste. Vegans can expect a special treat as the restaurant has provision for serving gluten-free food.

Casa Brasserie at the Crown Hotel

Italian dishes are unique for the restaurant that also serves European menu. For the latter, the preference is for new dishes presented from time to time, and the Italian servings focus on nativity to preserve the authentic taste and flavours. The cuisines are prepared from locally produced ingredients, and the superior skills of the Chefs create magical dishes. The restaurant is open throughout the day, and it is up to you to decide whether to have lunch or dinner.


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