Getting dressed for work day in and day out – putting on that same uniform, shoes, and accessories – can get pretty boring pretty quickly. It’s just too easy to slip into an easy and fast routine of spending as little time as you have to getting ready for work. But, it is so important to separate lazy and sloppy from quick and easy. You can keep your uniform, and image, looking professional by ensuring you are not slipping into any of the following uniform fashion faux pas.

Work Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid at Work

Workwear Mistakes to Avoid

  • Oversized Uniforms

A well fitted shirt and suit is the key to pulling off your work attire and keeping the uniform looking tip top. An oversized uniform, whether its overalls, a skirt, or a suit, can make you look unprofessional, sloppy, and lazy.

  • A uniform that is too small

Just like a uniform that is too big, one that is too tight and too small can convey the wrong message to your customers. Jackets need to fit to form and not pull at the shoulders; skirts and trousers should be an appropriate length; and blouses and shirts should not pull or gap at the chest and be in an appropriate length, too.

  • Crinkled uniforms

One big faux pas when getting ready for work is throwing on a crinkled uniform. It’s quick enough to iron over your shirt in the morning and it can ensure you arrive at work looking fresh and tidy. It’s a good idea to hand up your uniform on a coat hanger as soon as it has been washed and even when you take it off. Try to iron clothing when it is still damp and with a good quality ironing board and iron.

  • Colours that don’t match

Always try to avoid wearing mismatched colours for work. Your tie should match your shirt, and your shoes and accessories should match, too. Women should also consider their makeup and ensure it is suitable for their uniform and that it does not clash. While there are reputable corporate clothing suppliers, it’s worth noting that not all companies provide their staff with the entire ensemble, so you should accessorize and dress carefully.

  • A uniform that’s unfit for purpose

Your uniform should always be fit for work. If it isn’t fit for purpose, it will make you look unprofessional, and it can affect your health and safety. Try not to place more importance on your accessories and makeup than on your actual uniform.

  • Too many accessories

Let’s go back to accessories. Overdressing a uniform is a big mistake when getting ready for work. You should never overtake the simplicity of your branded clothing. Go for simple additions, like one piece of jewelry, a scarf, a belt, or a tie, and you won’t go wrong. But, choose too many accessories and you will create an unprofessional and cluttered look. Be sure to consult the business to find out what is and isn’t appropriate to keep in line with their branding.

  • Under accessorizing is a faux pas, too

It’s tough to get right, but even under accessorizing can be a mistake. Clients want to deal with a real person, not an automated robot. So, be sure to add personal, yet simple, touches to your workwear to convey authenticity. If you’re a guy, this means matching shoes and belt, and for women, it’s as easy as adding a simple piece of jewelry.

Take note of the points above and you’re sure to look your best even when you’re wearing your uniform.