You know those people who strut their stuff on the beach with crazy confidence?

5 Powerful Tips For Bolstering Your Workout Regimen

A few of us are those people, the rest of us want to be them. These folks don’t get that ultimate body confidence from sitting around dreaming of the perfect body.  No way! Strong and toned bodies come from discipline, organisation and how-to knowledge.

If you are interested in being one of the lucky few to walk with head held high and muscles peering out from every bit of clothing, read on my friend.  I am here to share 5 seriously powerful tips for bolstering your workout routine.

1) Use high quality equipment

I read an article the other day that said if you don’t have weights to use, use something from home like soup cans or water bottles.  DON’T DO IT!  If you are serious about building muscle, investing in high quality equipment needs to be step number one.

2) Tie Your Shoes

Does a 90 minute work-out feel daunting?

Half the battle is just getting started.  How about tie up those runners, hit the gym, and try for fifteen minutes and see where the momentum takes you. Even the most in-shape people you know or see on television often have trouble getting momentum.

If you feel like you are the only one who has a brain that tries to talk you into a lazy day on the couch VS an afternoon at the gym, you are dead wrong.  Battle that brain and get your body moving and pumped up!

3) Slow and Steady

Cranking huge weights from the get-go will not give you the results you want.

Incrementally increasing weight over time is the way to healthy weight loss and muscle gain.  If you have been suckered into some add that says your body can be transformed in two weeks, THINK AGAIN!  Slow and steady is the key to true fitness, especially in building muscle.  Be patient, add weights as you go, and see the results.

4) Combine to Compound

Nobody has all day every day to work on their body.

Okay, maybe a few people, but certainly not anyone I know!

To build your dream body, you need to be smart with your gym time.  A rule of thumb is to target two or more muscles in 80% of your work out.  Don’t confuse muscles with muscle groups, because throwing in too many muscle groups in one day can over-fatigue the system.  Confused?  Not to worry.  There are a lot of resources that can guide you through muscles groups and suggested weight trainings.

5) Food is Fuel

Building the perfect body is not just about hitting the gym and lifting the right weights.

What you put into your body will directly impact the outcome of muscle one and body fat.  There is a growing evidence base that says diet is even more important than exercise.  So if you are looking for a lean body with muscle tone, don’t skimp on the amino acids and carbohydrates and steer clear of sugary treats!

The craziest part of all of this, is that all of our dream bodies are begging to be released into the wild.  Each one of us has the potential for tones arms, washboard abs, and most importantly, major body confidence.  Following the simple yet effective tips in this article will get you well on your way.  So go on, get started already!