Laurie Berkner We are the Dinosaurs

We are huge Laurie Berkner fans, and the song “We are the Dinosaurs” was a staple in our household for years.  This is one of Berkner’s most requested songs, and it is easy to see why, because it is so fun and catchy.

And what better way to celebrate such a great song, but with a book!  With the song nearing its 20th year anniversary, the “We are the Dinosaurs” book is available March 21, 2017!

This is a nice hardcover book, with eye-catching glossy pages.  It is full of fun, bright pictures.

We Are the Dinosaurs Laurie Berkner

I love reading the lyrics in book form.  We remember all the words from singing “We are the Dinosaurs” so many times, and it flows so easily in print.

We Are the Dinosaurs Laurie Berkner

In addition to the familiar lyrics are plenty of adorable dialogue from the dinosaurs.

We are the Dinosaurs

This is such a fun children’s book whether or not you are familiar with the song!


You can pre-order “We Are the Dinosaurs” at and Simon & Schuster.

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