There is a lot of information for parents out there, as far as whether things are safe or not for their children. Among these are the controversies of hemp seed use. There can be some conflicting information about hemp seeds out there and if they are safe for children to consume.

Are Hemp Seeds Safe For Kids

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Where are Hemp Seeds From?

Hemp seeds originate from the hemp plant. Unrefined, hemp seeds are unaffected by commercial processing and free of harmful chemicals. This analogy paves the way towards affirming that these seeds are good for both adults and kids. These seeds also do not carry the properties that produce the so-called highs normally derived from smoking hard core marijuana or grass.

Why Caution in Children Should Be Exercised

Most parents are concerned and responsible decision makers, and want to be certain that these seeds are safe enough to use.  

Everything in moderation also remains good for the human body and soul. Health advocates, however, prefer that people stay away from refined, processed products and fermented products. They acknowledge that the use of hemp seeds adds value to the goal of achieving optimal health, and advise minimal dosages for small kids.

Addressing Children’s Protein Requirements

Most folks are mindful of their kids’ protein requirements. Many health conscious adults have turned to organic, sustainable and free range varieties of meat, poultry and fish from which the protein sources come. But what if some adults have decided to pass on their vegan habits to their children. The good news here is that hemp seeds contain essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids normally found in meat. They also carry a perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids. If you aren’t already providing your kids with a children’s omega supplement, hemp seeds are a great addition to their diet.

Encouraging Kids to Eat Without Even Trying

Many parents have a hard time trying to get their children to eat their vegetables. To compensate, health-conscious parents can sweeten things up naturally without any harm being done to their children’s health. The use of hemp seeds makes an invaluable contribution in this regard. For instance, toasted hemp seeds can be sprinkled over children’s morning oats or added to their favorite meal servings. In regard to the main meal of the day, hemp seeds act as perfect health antidote for sodium-enriched salt.

Positive Response to Gluten Free Diets

Health-conscious people have caught onto the habit of going gluten-free. This is pertinent for those parents who have young children who are sensitive to gluten products, mainly in the form of breakfast cereals, pastas and bread. Hemp seeds are entirely gluten free. They also operate as perfect health alternatives for young children who are intolerant to dairy produce. They are one hundred percent natural and easily digestible.

Regardless of how progressive parents may be, they still may have concerns whether hemp seeds are safe for their kids. The moral of the story, remains for parents to always exercise caution when treating their children with any remedy, whether clinically prescribed or derived directly from nature.