DIY gift ideas for moms

Moms deserve amazing gifts. You might be tempted to splurge and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a gift for your mother, but in reality all she really wants is a gift from the heart that will show her you put a lot of time and thought into it, not a lot of money. While gifts like Champagne Flutes to toast make a nice add on to a gift for your mother, there should be certain element of DIY to it to truly show her how much you care. DIY projects are going to take a bit more work than you’d usually put into a gift, but it will be well worth it.

  • A Custom Photo Frame

Making a photo frame is a simple DIY project that even a beginner could attempt. Make a photo frame with little details that your mother will understand and don’t be afraid to go overboard on how cheesy you make it. Anything you make with your own hands will make your mother happy, but making it with details that only she would understand will mean even more to her than just the fact that you made it alone. Once you’re done with the photo frame, put in a picture of you and your mother together. She’ll love and treasure it forever.

  • A Portrait

If you’re talented with art, you could give your mother the gift of a portrait. You could paint her or sketch her, whatever you’re best at. A portrait of herself that she can hang and tell guests her child made for her will be something that you simply cannot find in stores. If you’re not that talented with a brush or pencil, consider asking an artsy friend if they’d do it for you if you’d pay them for their time. It would still mean the world to her.

  • Home-grown Flowers

This DIY project is definitely for the green thumbs out there. If you know what your mother’s favourite flowers are, plant them in your own garden and then take a beautiful bouquet to her house once they’re in bloom. You could even take the plant out of your garden and replant it in her garden if you want to give her a gift that keeps on giving. A bouquet of flowers is always a good gift, but it means a lot more when you grew those flowers yourself.

  • A Decoration

Get creative with clay and make some kind of ornament for your mother. It can be something to hang on a Christmas tree, a small and cute paperweight or even a pair of earrings. Make something cute that you know she’ll love. A small gift is the easiest to make out of clay and it can say the most too. Something like a small paperweight with her name on it or with hearts on it would be enough to give as a gift. Get creative with it and you’ll create something wonderful.