There is a lot to be taken into consideration when working towards achieving a fit body, including losing weight, eating healthy, and getting exercise. A lot of time and effort should be considered if one wants to embark on such road, bearing in mind that the desired results only come with hard work and dedication.


Not only will having killer thighs lead to a large confidence boost, but also an increase in self-esteem when you are toned and in great shape. Proportion and symmetry are some factors which can be goals for the end result.

In terms of sport and athletic performance, working out the legs is crucial in terms of performing well whilst increasing functionality.  This will make you not only more nimble on the treadmill but also a great confidence boost.

Working out the thighs will also help out with losing some weight for those who wish to get more toned, as leg workouts burn high amounts of calories. We’ve come up with a couple of exercises which should not only be regarded as a way to stay fit but can be turned into a daily routine in order to achieve the best results possible.

Basic Squat

Squatting is perhaps the best way to exercise your legs. Performing such exercises in a gym is unnecessary as they can be easily done at home, plus will yield the good results in a short time.

Stand with your feet apart, according to your shoulder-width. Legs should be lowered by bending the knees just like you are about to sit down in a chair. Lower the body as much as you can with the goal of having your thighs parallel to the ground and then slowly return to the starting position for as many times as possible. Remember to take it slowly at first, so as not to get injured, as these exercises can turn out to be fairly dangerous if not done accordingly.

Some tips which should be taken into account are keeping the back straight and looking straight ahead in order not to injure the spinal column. Weight distribution is extremely important as one has to distribute it evenly among toes and heels. Knees play a vital part in this exercise as they should not be in front of your toes.

Side Leg Lifts

This simple exercise is performed by lying sideways on your right or left side with the knee bent at an angle of exactly ninety degrees to the opposed foot. The hip should be slightly tilted forward to get the best result and then lift the leg as far as possible and then slowly return to the starting position. One should repeat this exercise for eight to ten times for the best results. Some tips regarding side leg lifts are to tighten the muscles as much as possible when performing it to accelerate your muscles development. While you are doing this exercise accordingly your muscles should feel contracting whilst lifting the leg, especially your abdominals.

The Bridge

The bridge is performed with the knees bend while closing the heels close to your hind. Feet should be in line with your shoulder-width and as flat as possible to the ground. Meanwhile, you have to lift your hips towards the shoulders and as you raise them the abdominal muscles should be tightened. Repeat this procedure for eight to ten times to achieve the best results. Take into account that the knees should not escape the sides and while lifting control your hind to get the smoothest set of reps possible.

The Breakthrough

This exercise is performed by standing with feet together and making a step forward with either your right or left foot by slowly bending the knees until both legs are at the same angle. Your knee should not exceed the toes and this exercise should be repeated for eight to ten times per repetition. Your front knee should never cross the border toes and abdominal muscles should always stay contracted during the procedure.

These simple exercises can be simply done at home without having the need to hit the gym which will not only save some money but they are highly efficient.  Sticking to this routine for at least thirty days will yield amazing results to make sure that you feel confident and have a great degree of self-esteem.