Games to Play on the Trampoline

If you’re thinking of a fun family activity that everyone in your family will enjoy, then it’s time to bring out your good old trampoline. Trampolines are a great outdoor activity that both kids and adults will like. This gets your whole body moving and lets you stay fit and healthy due to the number of calories you’ll burn while jumping. Aside from jumping, there are also a lot of fun games you can play while on the trampoline. Here are a few that you should definitely try.


Although it goes by many names, popcorn is a classic trampoline game that you will surely enjoy.  Have one person sit down at the center of the trampoline in a crossed-legged position with their knees closed. You can also have that person sit in a position where they are embracing their knees. The idea is to have someone imitate a popcorn kernel but to avoid being “popped.” The person at the center must try to stay in this position and not lose his or her grip while the other jumpers jump around. If the person at the center loses his or her grip, then they lose the game.

Simon Says

This is just like how it is typically played but with the addition of the trampoline. The person playing Simon will stay outside the trampoline and ask the other players to do various trampoline stunts. Whoever will not be able to do the stunt will have to get off the trampoline. The winner of the game, as well as the next person to play Simon, will be the last person who is still on the trampoline.

Hot Potato

This game involves the use of a soft rubber or foam ball. The objective is to pass the ball around as the players are jumping. Each player must catch the ball thrown towards them and must not take too long in passing the ball. The player who drops the ball will be eliminated from the game.

Land Mines or Poison Balls

The name of the game indicates that this is an avoidance game. The objective is to avoid being hit by the balls or the “land mines.” Similar to hot potato, this game will use several soft rubber or foam balls. Start by putting a few balls on the trampoline and have everyone jump around and try to avoid being hit by the balls. You can add additional rules such as once a player is hit, he or she must lie down and wait for another player to tag him or her in order to be back in the game. He or she could also pick up a specific colored ball that serves as the “cure” to the “poison balls.”

Jump and Learn

Using a chalk, write down letters of the alphabet on the trampoline. You can make this as colorful and as creative as you like. Afterward, you can call out random letters and have the jumpers jump on that letter. You can also ask trivia questions that will help them learn and think while moving and jumping around.

As always, put your children’s safety first when playing with a trampoline. Check that the trampoline is in good condition before you use it. If you want the best trampoline for adults, start by considering how many pounds you will have on the trampoline. Adult trampolines will typically cost a little more since they naturally have to support more weight. Let them enjoy and play games but do supervise and make sure that only soft toys or foam balls are used. A trampoline enclosure is also a great investment that will keep your children from sliding off and hitting the ground. So whether you want your kids to take a break from any academic activity or you simply want them to jump around, there are definitely plenty of fun things you can do with a trampoline.