Planning for a Home Renovation or Repair

Whether you have an unexpected home repair or a planned project such as a bathroom renovation, staying on a budget isn’t always achievable. And if the funds you saved aren’t enough to complete the job, you have two choices left: you can cancel the work order or somehow find a way to cover the additional costs. 

Borrowing money to finish the job

If you’re like many people who are just making ends meet, coming up with the extra money isn’t always easy.  You could choose to put the balance on a credit card or if that’s not possible, ask a family member for a small loan. If neither one of these choices is doable, you have yet another option, and you could take out a personal loan. But, if you’ve had a few late payments your credit score may not get you an approval from your local bank. Lucky for you, there are many companies that provide alternative payday loans online. The terms are less stringent making these short-term loans easier to acquire. For example, BlueTrustLoans can provide you with a personal loan and installment loan up to $1250. This gives you access to quick funds without the need for taking out a high-interest payday loan. You will need to meet their minimum requirements and have a personal checking account, a social security number and a reliable and verifiable source of income. 

Preparing for a higher price tag

Ultimately, to avoid a recurrence of the same scenario in the future you should always allow for a margin of error in your budget. This means that you should add a percentage on to the original estimate. Once things like walls are removed, problems can surface that need your attention before you can resume with the renovation. Unfortunately, if something turns up it means more money. Having extra funds set aside will allow you to move forward and enjoy the end result.

Making lifestyle changes for added security

When you live paycheck to paycheck and month to month any added expense automatically becomes an emergency. In order to change your status, you must be willing to make some changes in how you manage your money. If you don’t make enough to cover your expenses then you either need to take on a second job until you reduce your debt or find ways to cut things out that aren’t necessary.  For instance, if you purchase coffee on your way to work, try limiting it to once a week or better yet, bring a thermos from home. If you have a high cable bill switch to another package or shop around for a new provider. The same goes for your cell phone. There are many companies out there that no longer have binding contracts, allowing you to go month to month. 

Put yourself on a strict budget

It’s easy to sidetrack from your financial obligations when there’s something you want. Instead of using money from the bank for a large ticket item save for it. Your bank account should be something you use to pay your bills, not things you want. By saving up for the item, you’ll appreciate having it and you won’t have another bill pending. 

If doesn’t matter whether you plan for a home renovation or have an immediate need for a home repair, you should always plan ahead. This way, when something comes up unexpectedly you have the means to pay for it and can continue to enjoy life.