If you enjoy listening to music, speakers are such a great way to not only enjoy your music at home, but on the go.  There are many types of bluetooth speakers, which can be divided into three categories:

Wireless Speakers
  1. Tweeter
  2. Mid-Range
  3. Woofers

Speakers come in many different sizes, and with advancements in technology, the latest big innovation in speakers is Bluetooth speakers that enable digital devices to connect with them. Most of the times these Bluetooth speakers are highly mobile. The goal of designing Bluetooth speakers was to remove the limitation of indoor use only. These wireless speaker units can have many things integrated into a single component:

  • Pairs of speakers
  • Driving circuit for electronic operations
  • Internal battery for power supply
  • Embedded audio player for standalone use
  • Memory reader to play on the go
  • Aux option for connecting to a phone

Using the Satellite Unit:

These days almost every multimedia device supports Bluetooth speakers.  For instance, you can connect your cell phone, tablet, MP3 Player, Laptop, Computer, and Digital Reader – just about anything you can think of. These small wireless speakers are convenient to use anywhere you want, and these are more user-friendly than the traditional speaker system. Using these bluetooth speakers are incredibly easy – just turn the power on and turn on the Bluetooth device and there you go.  No more hassles with wires, buttons, volume control, etc.

Choosing your wireless speakers:

There are many factors to consider while looking for a mobile speaker system. Many features can be found in any system. You can compare for the alternates by:

  • Price
  • Outdoor/Indoor usability
  • USB support
  • Factor of portability
  • Capacity of internal battery
  • Output power of speakers
  • Ease of use
  • Waterproof or water resistant
  • Connectivity options

Numerous companies are manufacturing bluetooth speakers, but some of them are leading the market with their distinct features and quality. Below are the top quality Bluetooth speakers:

These products have pros and cons, and you can prioritize them according to your need. Compare some of the features of these speakers:

Creative iRoar:

When it comes to sound and multimedia, Creative is on the top listed brands, and one of their most successful products is the Sound Blaster. The new iRoar also follows the trails of it, packed with connection options and controller apps. Its sound quality is clear as crystal and volume are high enough for mobile use. To aid software development, it has a software development kit. A little drawback of all this is that it can be too much for someone who is seeking basic operation.

Ultimate Ears UE Boom 2:

The main feature of this product is its massive bass response; it can create a good response to bass at different levels of the equalizer. The body of Boom 2 is waterproof, and it’s safe for outdoors where there is a chance of water spillage. It has its internal equalizer, and you can get a stereo pair them with Boom App for Android and iOS. Its control system is gesture bases which are not very reliable.

Sony SRS-XB3:

This speaker unit can give you 24 hours battery life on a single charge, and this system is splash-proof. It can be charged with its power adapter, and it has USB option too. The drawback in this speaker system is that it cannot navigate songs.