Keep ON

I received a copy of this album in exchange for my honest review.

We haven’t been listening to much music lately, between lots of Christmas music over the holidays and not much time spent in the car (road trip music is a must!).  I was excited to hear about “Keep On”, an upbeat album for kids, and happy to add something new to our playlist.

I was unfamiliar with both of the artists on this album.  Little Miss Ann has been involved in music and teaching for many years, and has created four other children’s albums before collaborating with Amy D for “Keep On”.

Little Miss Ann

Amy D joined Little Miss Ann’s band in 2015, and their collaborations soon resulted in “Keep On”.  Amy D not only sings, but she plays violin, mandolin, melodica, and piano.

Keep On

Starting off with the first track, “Ube” (pronounced “ooh-bay”), I found the music to be really catchy – but not in an annoying way, which immediately drew me in as a parent.  While this music is definitely appealing to kids, it is enjoyable for adults too.  I like that this song celebrates Ann’s and Amy’s Filipino backgrounds and a true Filipino staple, the purple yam!

Track 5 is a fun remake of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”.  The song is a catchy tribute to this 1968 song!  While your kids will likely not be familiar with the song – or perhaps yourself – it fits perfectly into this album.

With 10 tracks, there are many different sounds on the album, from a variety of instruments to styles and vocals.  The songs all have their own personalities when it comes to sounds and styles, but the overall feel is a fun, folksy vibe.

I would describe the whole album as fun and upbeat, and enjoyable for the whole family.  I certainly find myself singing along and in a good mood when I listen to this music.  Keep On is a wonderful album that has such a friendly, welcoming vibe!

  1. Ube
  2. Shake & Sing
  3. Hill and Gully Rider
  4. The Senses Song
  5. Tiptoe Through the Tulips
  6. L.O.V.E.
  7. The 606
  8. Swing Me
  9. Where is Thumbkin
  10. Keep on Keepin’ On

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Keep On is available from retailers February 17, 2017.  You can find it at,, and iTunes.



“Keep On” album

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