Careers for Busy Moms

So many mothers dream about having a career, but when you’re attending calls throughout the day, doing chores, looking after children, etc. the prospects of entering a professional life look gloomy.

Fortunately, there are some flexible careers apart from the conventional 9 to 5 that enable busy moms to earn a livelihood. That’s not to say that these careers don’t require a ton of effort; they just provide the benefit of flexibility (being able to set a schedule, not having to commute, etc.).

Here are some flexible careers to consider:

  1. Pedicurist

You don’t need to open a nail salon to become a pedicurist. A professional pedicure chair, toenail brush, foot exfoliator, nail clipper and a few other tools are all you need to get started. You have the option to compare different brands, types, and prices when it comes to these essentials. Doing so will enable you to select items that complement your home’s current setting and suit your budget. Other than these items, you should have excellent listening and customer service skills. If you are comfortable working with people and have a friendly nature, this is the ideal career to consider.

  1. Personal Shopper

You might not be aware that big brands need real people to go into their outlets and see how their products are presented on the shelves. You can brand yourself as a personal shopper on Facebook and get in touch with big brands. There’s also a part-time option. Apps like Gigwalk enable busy mothers to complete these tasks for a few dollars and set their own schedule. While it’s just a few dollars, the amount accumulated at the month’s end may leave you pleasantly surprised. If you pass by retail outlets in your daily commute, this could be a decent career choice.

  1. Fitness Trainer

If exercising is one of your top priorities, being a fitness instructor is a great option. This profession offers a lot of flexibility; you can teach as little as 2 classes per week or give private lessons all week long along with taking group classes. Group instructors can earn $15-$20 an hour, and private instructors can charge a higher amount depending on experience, location, and clientele. It’s also possible to specialize in a particular field, such as Pilates and aerobics. Classes can be held at the client’s place, in a public park or in your own backyard.

  1. Server

Perhaps you want to work outside the house and make some extra money. If that’s your preference, consider being a bartender or a waitress. You will earn money in two ways – you get a fixed monthly income (even if you work flexible hours) that’s higher than the standard wage and you get tips from customers. Several eateries are in need for weekend servers, so there’s the option to be with your family on the weekdays and do shifts on the weekends.

  1. Teacher

What better opportunity to stay in sync with the schedule of your kids than adopting a similar one by taking up teaching? The certifications and degree requirements vary by state depending on whether you opt to teach in a private or public school. Mothers who don’t have an education degree can still go back to school and get their ECE degree at GMercyU or a similar university, or they can enter the profession through programs like Teach For America.

These careers will enable you to attend to your household and make additional income simultaneously.