When we learned of a 5-Wits opening in our town, it sounded like something fun and interesting for our whole family.  We weren’t quite sure what the 5-Wits experience would be like, and were looking forward to a unique adventure!


5 Wits adventures are cutting-edge, live-action entertainment venues that immerse you in realistic, hands-on experiences. They are similar to escape rooms in that you must use teamwork to solve puzzles and challenges, but 5 Wits adventures have higher quality environments, special effects, and more compelling storytelling. 5 Wits puts you in the center of the action, making you feel as if you’re in a movie or video game.

We received tickets for a 5-Wits adventure in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Depending on the 5-Wits location you visit, there are different adventures to choose from.  I let the kids choose, and they decided on the “Deep Space” adventure.  The other choices include Drago’s Castle, Espionage, Tomb, and 20,000 Leagues.  My kids are 7 and 9, and I felt that Deep Space was a good option as we had some recommendations to go with that as the best fit for a younger child.

You can pay ahead of time online, or in person.  Our Deep Space adventure could vary from 20-30 minutes (depending on how long you take to do the challenges), so we made sure we were comfortably dressed, and that the kids had used the restrooms beforehand.  We brought in what we had with us (jackets, purse, etc), but there are both lockers and restrooms available if needed (I would recommend waiting to do your shopping until after, or leaving anything big in the car).

We got our tokens and got into line to start our adventure.

5-Wits Deep Space

A group was still inside, so we had a short wait before entering.  While we waited, we checked out the score board (which also counts down how many minutes are left until your group can enter).  We were interested to see what other group’s scores and times were, which is also cool to check out once you finish too.

5-Wits Deep Space

The kids were bursting with anticipation – and then it was our turn!  The doors opened, and a guide took us down the hall to where we would begin our adventure.  We had an on-screen “debriefing” before heading off on our own!

5-Wits Deep Space

We stepped into our space ship – and here is where I didn’t what to expect.  We were in a room, with lots of buttons and controls, and no idea where to begin!

5 Wits Room

How much fun is it to have to figure everything out?  My kids were thrilled to be in a room full of mystery buttons and gadgets, and we all got to work.  Soon enough, we were steering our ship and blasting lasers to protect our spacecraft.  My daughter took her asteroid-blasting duties very seriously!

5-Wits Deep Space

Working together as a team, we successfully averted near disaster, and the doors opened up to reveal our next room.

5-Wits Deep Space

The service bay had some really neat challenges.  And the special effects were pretty cool!


Then it was on to another room.  It was fun to be immersed in these cool environments, which do really make you feel like you are in the game or on a movie set.

5-Wits Deep Space Adventure

One of the things I liked about the Deep Space experience is that we all worked together as a team, and there was something for everyone to do.  It was fun to experience the different physical spaces and see what we could come up with to solve the puzzles or tasks.

5-Wits Deep Space Adventure

I wasn’t sure how my 7-year-old would feel about the whole experience – would it be too scary?  Her verdict: she had a great time and already wants to try another adventure!  There were some moments where the lights went out (as we expected), but she had stayed within arm’s reach and was fine.  We did go on a recommendation that the Deep Space adventure would be the best choice for a younger child, so I would probably suggest starting with that if your child is younger or nervous.

The staff does monitor the adventure rooms, so if there is ever an issue, they are right there for you.

Both kids are already talking about going back again and how fun it would to be with friends or for a birthday party.  5-Wits is definitely fun for the whole family, because there are so many components going into this – the cool staging of the rooms, the special effects, the puzzles, etc.  A great way to do something a little different and go on a real adventure!

Check out clips from our adventure here:

Visit 5-Wits at http://5-wits.com/

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