HCG diet

Gaining weight is a common problem in worldwide, especially in the American and European Countries.  Being overweight can also contribute to other health issues, such as heart or lung diseases.  There are many diet plans out there, most of which slowly decreases the amount of fat you consume.  However, the HCG Diet Plan is a different approach, where you consume more fat before you decrease fat intake.

In this diet plan you have to gain enough fats in your body, and with each day you have to take an injection or tablet of HCG. This is the very first step of starting this type of diet. In this diet plan, it is necessary for the hormones to get in control which will later help you in weight loss, and this whole process becomes easier for you, as compared to the other painful weight loss methods. So in order to activate those hormones you have to gain as many calories as you can, and you have to do all this in a very short period of time which is just two days.

It is really necessary to fulfill this first phase of this HCG diet plan, because without this you will not get the desired results, and later you will feel hungrier during this process.  At the start, gaining fats is important, so the first stage means eating a lot – including red meat and other fried meat dishes, rice, milkshakes, butter, cheese, white rice, potato, burgers, pizza, and sweet dishes. Sweet dishes and milk products can increase your weight in no time, and you will gain enough fats for the whole diet plan.

It is important that you are healthy enough to start this diet plan, because if you are sick and you start this diet, it can become dangerous. Moreover, it does not matter that you are male or female because this diet is for everyone. You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically before you are going to start HCG diet.  Even patients with diabetes can try the HCG diet.

Once you start a HCG diet, it is necessary to follow the diet plan as per suggested; moreover, if you forgot to take HCG injection or drops any day then better is to start the whole process again in order to get the best results. If you do workouts or exercise in your normal routine then you need not leave your routine, your main focus should be on the type of meal you are taking on loading days. After the completion of HCG diet, you will see a visible change in yourself in a very short period of time.

*Note: Please always consult your doctor before changing your health routines.