Fountains have so many uses, as decoration in homes, offices or public places.  It used to be that there was just a single type of fountain available, which was similar to a flower and water was sprayed from the top. Those fountains were commonly made from the marble, and usually white in color.

Outdoor Water Features

As for the latest fountains, they are available in many different designs and styles.  There are many top brands manufacturing the best fountains, which can make your surrounding environment more beautiful and stunning.

Many fountains are not only made from marble, but are also made from stone, so these fountains can be painted into many different stunning colours which will match the environment of your house or office. The fountains have a great range of old classic styles to latest stunning styles.

Some fountains are even purely hand-made, specially made for villas or large offices. These fountains are more expensive as compared to the ordinary fountains and they require more care and attentions as compared to the other fountains.

Similarly, there is a difference between outdoor and indoor fountains.  Indoor fountains are smaller in size and they are totally different in designs and shape. Outdoor fountains are larger in size and usually different in shape as well.  Some outdoor fountains are also made for birds, from where they can drink fresh water anytime. Because outdoor fountains should be strong enough to withstand any harsh environment outside the home or office, they are typically made from the stones.

There are many different types of outdoor fountains, for example:

  • Barcelona Garden Water Fountain
  • Beaufort Outdoor Water Fountain
  • Acorn Garden Water Fountain
  • Adirondack Garden Water Fountain
  • Acanthus Two Tiered Garden Water Fountain
  • Birches Wall Garden Water Fountain

These are just some of the top fountains, but there are many others to choose from.  The Acorn Garden Water Fountain is a typical small size garden fountain. These types of fountains often attract the birds and butterflies.  They do not require any water connection from underground or any other plumbing options, because water will circulate within the fountain, and due to this advantage you can put it anywhere in your garden because these fountains are lightweight as well.  This fountain includes an inner circulation water pump which runs on electricity and it is available in many different colours, just according to your choice. The Adirondack Garden Water Fountain, which has an appearance similar to the stump of the tree, gives it a very stunning and marvelous look.

Due to this look, these fountains are unique in the category of outdoor fountains.  This fountain is also smaller in size and portable as well, and it also has inner water circulation. These fountains are manufactured in the United States of America, and then they are exported to all over the world.  So if you are looking for an easy way to add a beautiful accent to your outdoor space, consider a fountain.