The holidays are fast approaching, and that means a the next few months will be crazy, all while trying to watch our spending.  I try not to get stressed out while juggling work, after-school activities, and holiday shopping.  Not only can we enjoy one of our favorite treats – OREO cookies – with great deals on OREOs through Christmas!  These are our go-to cookies, not only because are they a favorite, but my daughter has a nut allergy.  Our whole family loves OREOs, so whether I need an after-work pick me up, or the kids want them for dessert, we always have these in our pantry.

Oreo Cookies

It is hard to pass up on OREO cookies at Walmart – they have every kind of OREO!  I personally love Double Stuf and Mint, the kids love the regular, and we send individual packages of Mini OREO cookies to school.  We eat them plain, my daughter loves mashing OREOs into ice cream, and we often make dirt cups (with pudding, mashed oreos, and gummy worms).

I provide our school teacher with a bin of snacks for my daughter at the beginning of the school year and restock as needed so that she always has peanut safe foods on hand.  (**Always read labels!)  Half the bin is salty snacks, and the other half is OREO cookies.  This way there is always something on hand if another student brings in a treat.  I bring OREO cookies any time there is a celebration or other event where a dessert will be served.  Not only that, but I get OREOs for other kids too, whether or not they have a nut allergy, so that the kids can eat a nut-free snack together.  The OREO Minis packs are perfect for this!

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