Blue and Red Make Purple

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We listen to a lot of music in our household, and “Blue and Red Make Purple” is a great way to engage kids in both music and books at the same time!  This book+music CD set is a collection of fun music, accompanied by wonderful illustrations to bring the music to life.

BOOK This beautifully illustrated picture book featuring the irresistible songs of Grammy® Award Winner Jennifer Gasoi offers children the opportunity to discover the different colours of her jazz-inspired music. Blue and Red Make Purple is engaging, playful, and utterly endearing! Included are notes highlighting the history, instruments and unique characteristics of each musical genre along with activities and listening suggestions.

MUSIC CD The accompanying CD offers 12 captivating songs that meld many styles including Dixieland swing, bluegrass, folk, Cajun, calypso and klezmer.

This album immediately exudes a happy feeling.  The vocals are so sweet and light, and have such a beautifully positive vibe.  Each song has its own character, with different themes and sounds from track to track.

Blue and Red Make Purple

The first song is “Little Blue Car”, and kicks off the album with a fun, upbeat song:

Everyone get into the car
We’re driving fast and we’re driving far
What better thing to do while we drive
Than make some music before we arrive
Get out your banjo and your guitar
We’re makin’ music in our little blue car

Blue And Red Make Purple is sure to leave you in a good mood.  The music is fun to listen to, and the illustrations

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~ Under the Moon – Jazz Standards (November 2016)

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This product was provided in exchange for an honest review.