The Importance of a Clean Move


Life Transition

Moving in a physical, unexplored sense is just the taking of items from one space, and the depositing of them in another space. But such a simplistic observation of the act fails to take into account fundamental psychological fluctuations which influence personality development.

Consider your first move from the house, to that dorm room at the college where you got a scholarship. Or, conversely, consider the first time you left home and got an apartment. Now go five years down the line. Remember when you moved out of the dorm/apartment and started paying a mortgage? Or, do you remember moving from one apartment to another? In each of these scenarios, fundamental lifestyle changes take place in conjunction with the move. When leaving your parents’ house, suddenly you became a free agent, and a feeling of liberation naturally compelled some poor choices. Once this period was through, one of stability likely followed; maybe even marriage, or a domestic partnership.

The point of all this is that as you move your things from one space to another, you’re really walking through a chapter in the book of life; and the things you bring with you have a continuity to them. There is more permanence in a picture in a frame showing you and your college friends than any of the dormitories or apartments in which as a group you were together. Your togetherness transcended location. Jobs, education, relationships, and accidental happenstance all bring treasures into our lives, and protecting such important things as you change living arrangements can help you feel safe and secure in your new home.

Moving in the City

If you break something, you’re probably not all that likely to replace it, are you? Not unless what you’ve broken is absolutely fundamental either to business or your personal equilibrium. Generally, if you break something during a move, then it becomes garbage and may never actually find any kind of replacement. Meanwhile, if you’re using professional movers and something is broken or damaged, insurance will pay for it in most cases; though the remuneration may be under-par—unless you pay for extra, it’s usually just sixty cents per pound. That said, moving agencies who aren’t operating under some variety of scam have to provide insurance, as they’re required to by law. (Here are some red flags for scams, if you’re looking to move anytime soon.) So while you may not be able to replace the emotional value of a broken item, at the very least you can replace the monetary value without losing additional expense. Too, when movers provide insurance, they have an increased prerogative to carefully transport everything. Guys who force the company to remunerate clients on a regular basis probably won’t be in that position of the company for long.

With all these things in mind, city moves are really best approached from the position of a cogent moving company. Beyond the additional hazards city driving presents to your valuables, insured movers represent an extremely sensible way to cushion yourself against very likely losses. When you’re on the hunt for moving companies in NJ, be sure that they include insurance packages in addition to regular qualifications required by the law. This will give you a better chance of safely moving all your valuable things without having to worry about having them broken or stolen. Moving scams exist, and this can be a painful blow to the psyche and wallet. Especially in the city, you must find trustworthy movers to properly protect interests both monetary and emotional.


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