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Science and nature is important in our household, and last year we enjoyed the“Sea Blue Sea” children’s album from The Whizpops.  This spring, they are back with another great album, “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix“.  Released on May 20, 2016 – National Endangered Species Day – this album supports the National Wildlife Federation and is all about wildlife.


I was excited about this album, as I was a huge fan of Ranger Rick when I was a kid!  I remember poring over every issue from cover to cover.  The Whizpops are known for their science-based music, and Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix is full of great information about the animals around us.  Our whole family is enthusiastic about wildlife and conservation, so this is great!


This is a great way for kids (and adults too!) to learn about wildlife.  Not just your everyday wildlife, but many less common and endangered species.  I know I certainly learned a lot from the lyrics, and the songs are so fun and engaging that kids will be picking up fun facts without realizing quite how much they learned.

There are lots of great animal tracks on this album:

  1. Swift Fox
  2. Black Footed Ferret
  3. Pika
  4. Everything’s Better with a Mustache (Walrus Song)
  5. California Condor
  6. Stream That I Call Home (Bull Trout Song)
  7. Gulo Gulo (Wolverine)
  8. Monarch
  9. Bison
  10. Polar Bear
  11. Extinction Really Stinks

Check out the “Black Footed Ferret” video below:

When the sun goes down over prairie dog town
That’s when we step out and bounce around
With a black tip on my tail and this mask upon my face
I’m still slidin’ by despite the human race

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