Making Last Minute Plans: Fun Things to Do With Your Family This  Weekend

Family time is precious. With jobs, school, sports, and obligations, there is little time left to spend together. However, there are times when things get switched around and you have opportunity to hang with one another. It’s difficult to plan something too intricate at the last minute, so here are more than a few ideas to ensure you still have fun this weekend.


Head to your city or state’s website and search for links to walking and hiking trails. Depending on regulations, you may be able to bring the family dog along. The activity is great exercise and provides opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. To add a wrinkle of education, have kids research indigenous birds and flowers found on the trails.


Go to a museum to appreciate architecture, art, history, etc. Visit museum websites to learn about immediate exhibits and the most popular things to see with families. Likewise, a museum is a great chance to add education into the mix. For example, research exhibits, jot down questions, and have kids provide answers while taking a tour. To add incentive, tell them a certain percentage of correct answers will be rewarded with ice cream.


With Netflix, Hulu, and other web-based movie sites, it’s easy to neglect theaters, but there is something special about a theatre with a huge screen, incredible sound, and comfy seating. To make it extra special, head to a drive-in theater and bring along snacks for the family to enjoy.


If the weather is fair, get on your bikes or rent them from a local vendor. Have your kids look at a map and identify safe and appropriate trails. Bring plenty of water and wear safety gear. If you want to try something different, see if you can rent tandem bicycles or segways.


Rent a boat, take out your own, or find a quaint spot on land to cast your rods. The pastime affords quality time to talk as well as the opportunity to catch small or large fish. Of course, you’ll need the appropriate tackle and bait. Check out the Haywire twist tool if you’re fishing for bigger game.

DIY Projects

Do you have a room you would like to renovate, a garage that needs cleaning, or a backyard that can use landscaping? Plan a DIY project with your family. If kids are too young to handle tools, make them ‘project managers’ and have them draw-up plans, gather needed tools and resources, and ensure all participants stay on task.


See if you and family members can volunteer around the city. Whether you’re providing food to the homeless, cleaning a local park, or helping a local vendor at a farmer’s market, pitch in and do good in the community. It’s a great experience for the kids and teaches them the importance of helping others.

Board Games

Break out a number of traditional board games or go to a toy store and select a few appropriate titles to play with family members. Prepare beverages such as iced tea or hot cocoa along with snacks like Rice Krispie treats or cupcakes.

Kerry Shaw is a Mom of three under the age of 8. She values spending quality family time together and is a keen blogger in her spare time once the kids are finally asleep and she has some peace and quiet!